Motability £2000 limit - news from a car sales rep

By sheer coincidence, I placed an order for a new car last week just before the changes to the motability scheme were announced. I hadn’t had a call to confirm the order went through OK so I phoned the showroom this morning in a bit of a panic that I wouldn’t get my car now because of some hold up or other.

The sales rep told me that he’d had a similar panic last week when he’d heard, but that they had contacted Motability and we ARE still allowed to spend more than £2,000 - they just aren’t advertising it any more. If anyone goes into a showroom and asks to buy a car on the Motability scheme that will be more than a £2,000 advance payment, they CAN still do it.

Of course, this is just one person’s word (that I am hoping is correct!), but I thought I’d let you all know.

Karen x

I really do hope that is true. I only changed mine 6 months ago, but will probably still need something big and too expensive for the £2000 limit next time.

I just cant afford something with a big deposit I always have to look for something with NIL deposit or a few hundred pound.

I was lucky last year I got a ford Focus Zetec diesel with Nil deposit I’m more than happy with it infact I love it its the best car I’ve ever had.


Hi Mark,

My motability car gets changed next year and I was thinking about a Focus, but one of my friends who had one said it was awful in snow (I’m in Aberdeen, so the car’s performance in snow has to be considered) - how does your one cope with snow?


Luisa x

Hi Luisa,

To be honest its one of the worst cars I’ve ever had in the snow I live down a lane out in the country and for weeks I couldn’t get it out of the house I wasn’t beat if I really need to get the car out my next door neighbour is a farmer and he towed me up to the main road with a tractor :).

But I just wouldn’t risk it if it even see’s a hill in the snow it just spins and stops.

I can’t fault the car in any other way but its useless in the snow, In saying that the nurse that came to check on my gran had a focus and she went everywhere in it but she had snow tyre’s fitted.

My mother has a Ford Fiesta and its much better and my father has a Citroen Bilingo van and it was really good I think its all to do with the tyres.

Mark x

Goodness this could be worrying. I’ve just come back from ordering my next car. The advance payment is £1949.00. I asked the sales man about what you said and he said no, in general the A.P. is capped at £2000.00. However, this does not apply to WAV’s (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles). You can also add extras, as I have, such as keyless entry, alloys etc etc. There is no limit on that. This was in a BMW dealership and the really helpful salesman (the Motability specialist ) said it’s really restricted the cars they are now able to supply. He also suspects more changes to the way the Motability Scheme is run. Sad times for many thousands of very happy customers. Enjoy you new car. When do you get it? Mine is end of December. It will be my third. Wow. How time flies. Bonnie xxx

Hi Bonnie.

I haven’t heard about the date yet - he said he should know by the end of this week. He better be right about me still getting it - I paid the deposit the day before the new rules so if he’s wrong, I’m hoping they’ll honour it anyway!

It’s not a WAV, but I needed something that I could get the dog (a large golden retriever) and my wheelchair into, so small wasn’t an option!

Fingers crossed!

Karen x

There was nothing about the changes in the quarterly magazine Motability have just send me, funny that. If it hadn’t been for the posts on here, I would not have known! Thanks guys for spreading the news