Motability - unfair

This is a follow up to Charlie’s post yesterday alerting us to the changes in the motability scheme.

Under the new rules they will:

only accept nominated drivers who live within five miles of the customer.

My daughter is my carer and lives 7.1 miles away. I no longer drive so she drives and keeps my motability car. A few weeks ago I moved into an adapted bungalow (the only one offered by the council) because my previous home (2.5 miles away from my daughter) was totally unsuitable due to my disabilities. Without access to a car I am stranded out here on the edges of Leeds away from EVERYTHING. There’s no way that I would have accepted this property if I had known that I would be written out of the motability scheme. It seems so unfair that I will be penalised because I had to move from my home and because I can’t drive myself.


Hi Jane

I would probably speak to motablity and explain your circumstances.

As you had to move due to housing issues and your daughter has been on the policy at your old address they may make an exception.

Unfortunately, like benefit and blue badge claimants, those abusing the motability system make it difficult for the genuine cases like you.

In 2010/11 1300 people were found to abuse the motability system.

I am hoping the new scheme is not set in stone and they will see the genuime cases and allow exceptions.

all the best


So sorry to hear this Jane

As Neil says it is very likely because of abuses of Motability cars (and these are numerous) but it should leave room for genuine people like yourself to ask for consideration of your circumstances and add to your letter supported statements from your excellent OT and Social Services and that may swing it.

Makes me think the writing is on the wall for the scheme in the near future.

I do think you are in with a good chance tho’ Jane so take heart and fight it out in any way you can think of

Susi xxxxx

There MUST be a way of appealing against this decision. Don`t just accept it, will you, without speaking to someone about it?

Do you have a social worker who could speak for you, if necessary?

Hoping for a good outcome for you.

luv Pollx

Hi Jane,

It makes me very angry when the Chancellor makes 75 billion pounds and gives it to banks hoping to create growth.

Why not give it to every person above 16 years old in the UK; about £4000 each. They would spend it in shops; on bills; that would definitely create growth.

Then impose a 0.05% tax on every transaction on the FT; result in excess of 20 billion per year.

Financial problems solved; no need for all these swinging cuts on the people who can least afford it.

As a matter of interest the new Motability rules do not apply to existing leases. I don’t know how long to go on yours but you car will not be taken off you.


Georeg (or is that Sean Connery?!..) is right.

The changes are only supposed to be affecting new or renewed accounts so our leases would therfore run their term.

The important thing is to comment and raise our concerns NOW, not to wait until it affects us personally.

If we all point out the things they have overlooked when coming to these revised terms we will have more voice.

I went for a ‘mobility assessment’ yesterday to determine my suitability for a blue badge. I failed it because I managed to walk 50m in a flat corridor too fast. I have very poor balence and didn’t exactly sprint (my sprinting days are well and truly over!) but I, according to the criteria I was not suitable for a badge. This despite consultant and physio supporting letters. The letters did not contain enough information, according to my assessor.

I was diagnosed in 2009, but this is the first time I have applied. I have read the position paper on the changes submitted by the MS Society and was really surprised that they did not ask that MS be exempt from tests. In Scotland, there are 10,000 people with MS. It is my belief that it would not be impossible for the Scottish Government to be kind to people with MS.

My alternatives seem to be :fake how well I walk ; hope I get called on a day I am not walking so well ; get the law changed.

My MSP says I need the support of the MS Society to change the law ie it must be the policy of the MS Society that all people with MS should get a blue badge as of right.

Anyone got any thoughts?

with regards this speak to your local MP,or if they are unhelpful the person who is trying to oused them out their seat (excuse the pun)

Blue Badges are adevolved matter in Scotland. My Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) is fact finding. She is in the cabinet, but in charge of Culture. I have mild hopes though. Thanks for your reply.

This is an old thread that has become resurrected and morphed into blue badges but I thought that I would comment on my original post.

I was beefing in October about the change to the motability rules regarding drivers. My daughter lives just outside the new distance limit but she is the only driver of my motability car. Since posting I have changed my car (because we now need a WAV) I rang Motability and explained the circumstances. They were very helpful and gave permission for Claire to carry on driving. They suggested that the dealer ring them if there were any queries – but there weren’t.


Hi Jane It seems that common sense has prevailed for once. The right decision, well done! Cheryl:-)


if you dont drive and they drive for you my advice would be to use the money towards a car, I went with motability and its adaptations on advice of physio, last week i drove hubbys car which is a beast of a car and was fine actually felt i drove it better so motability might not be the best option