Changes to motability scheme stuffed me and will stuff others

Changes to who can be insured to drive has invalidated my brothers/sisters and carer. i need someone to take me to various hospital for treatments leading to life in isolation - my ms will not be cured on 1.1.2012!!!. i’m not happy as it will affect many other disabled drivers. I am contacting my MP, a disabled users forum and local paper. I am going to raise awareness of this.

So, what`s the changes then? Who can drive the motability vehicle if not your carer? Crazy!

luv Pollx


I’ve not heard anything from Motability or RSA, whereabouts did you hear it’s changed?



I’ve just been on their website and it says this:

"If you opt for our lease agreement you do not need to drive. You can nominate up to two drivers who may be friends or relatives, and parents or carers can apply on behalf of a child aged three years and upwards.

However, proposed drivers must not have any serious driving convictions, disqualifications, or endorsements within the last five years. "

So be reassured, it doesn’t sound like anything’s changed to me.


And this is from the RSA website as well:

"With a Motability Contract Hire lease you can propose up to two drivers free of charge, one of whom may be the Hirer. Under certain circumstances, a third driver may be included for which an additional premium will be payable.

A charge of £219 is payable to provide cover for a third driver for the full period of your 3 year lease"

Phew, you had me worried there!

I don’t know the distance, but the people named as other drivers have to now live within a certain distance (5 miles maybe?) - this is definitely going to stuff some people.

Karen x

Karen is right, it is 5 miles.

Have a look at:

Yes there are changes to the motability scheme and one of them is that designated drivers must live within 5 miles of the car customer.

It doesn’t affect your current contract but will come into play when you renew.

This will affect me very badly. I can’t drive anymore. My daughter is my carer and designated driver. She lives 7.1 miles away When my present contract runs out I will no longer be able to get a motability car.

I spoke to someone at motability and she suggested that I find another relative who lives closer!


Well they slipped that one under the radar, that’s definitely going to mess some people around. I got my new car in August and there was no mention of it then. I’m disappointed that they’ve not communicated it better. It’s definitely worth a letter to my MP.



I dont currently have a motability car but I may do again when the DVLA driving assessment may lead to my losing licence. Yes, have had one before and it was dreadfully stressful.

I intend to write to my MP who is the Equalities minister alerting her to how iniquitous it is as well as Maria Miller and I would like to urge other people to do the same - even if it doesnt affect you.

It’s really important that we mount a challenge to this under the Equalities Act.


thank you Susi - i’ve read the full statement from lord whathis name and i can see the DWP are inolved - appears they want to flush out fraudsters - which i’m all for - but their ‘one size fits all’ solution impacts the lives of genuine people who are in genuine need of the vehicle. I will also write to Maria Miller (please could you let me know contact details) - I’m also going to let Watchdog know - let motability deal with Ann Robinson!!!

All the best


I cant drive due to my condition so my wife does all the driving, occasionally I need my daughter to help out but she will not be allowed to after June as she lives 12 miles away! We have no other relatives able to drive, my wife phoned and was told to ask a friend or neighbour to be the second driver. We find this unacceptable.

Existing named drivers will still be able to drive if they live more than 5 miles away. And I’m surprised your wife was told that as the letter that Motability sent out said that you can also get special permission if needed for someone who lives over 5 miles away, so you should still be ok.

Hope that clears things up a bit.


An insured driver has to live within 5 miles of the owner of the motability car.

This will stop people getting cars and given them to family & friends.

Excellent idea, because it will stop all those folk who take the P!

However, if you are genuine you are able to appeal this and it will allow others to be on your insurrance.

It isn’t a problem, only if you are taking advantage…

I wish that I had your faith that a simple appeal would sort things out.

I have mentioned before that my daughter and carer lives 7 miles away now that I have moved to an adapted bungalow. When I rang motability about what would happen when I needed a new car they were by no means sure that the situation could be resolved. I am trying to be hopeful but as with many of the changes that have happened recently to benefits and support systems they are rarely to the advantage of the genuinely sick and disabled.