motability, not sure what car, opinions pleasFinalklye!

Finally decided to take the plunge, so which vehicles do you rate? we quite like the Yeti and Volv

Alison x

Finally! (fingers slipped)

Hiya Alison. I have gone for the peugeot tepee. No advance payment at top spec. Diesel 1.6 with parking sensors and rear sliding doors. I just have to wait now for it to be delivered. Good luck on your choice. Dawn xxx

Thanks, may have to have a look at that - car shoping Monday morning, considering all our options I know hubby def wants the parking sensors, what was the lead time on that?I do like the idea of the sliding doors too, we had an espace as a in Cyprus which had them I’d forgotten how convenient they were !

Alison x

I have the Vauxhall Astra estate, 2.0 Sri diesel. It has front and rear parking sensors and stop start ( which means it will turn itself off in standing traffic, when you put your foot on the clutch, it starts again) which saves fuel costs. There was no down payment either. Great car!

The wait is 2 weeks as I wanted it in dark oak xx

I have recently ordered my 4th motability car due to arrive on 14th March a Ford Focus Navigator! It would have been no advance payment but I fancied the built in sat nav so it is £90. Colour midnight Sky how groovy does that sound!!

Automatic, reverse parking sensors auto fold in mirrors on locking, It is my second Ford the fiesta I currently have was just getting a bit snug for 3 adults a wheelchair and shopping!!

I hope whatever you decide on it gives you 3 years of stress free motoring