Mobility scooters

We need a new scooter as the current one is just too heavy for me to get in and out of the boot, now that my husband is unable to help. The current one does need assembling and is a right royal pain. Need one that can go over grass so I am thinking that we need to stick with four wheels. So any recommendations? We have a Focus, so the boot is not that big. I have looked on Amazon and there is quite an expensive one that seems to just fold up. Not sure how practical that is, perhaps it can be levered in and out? My back is already strained and we really need to do something now. Any thoughts would be gratefully received. We did buy a Luggie a while back, but I really don’t think it is stable enough for anything more than a shopping centre.

I did wonder about a motorised wheelchair?

Can you fit a hoist in the car? Adding a boot hoist could be an alternative to a less useful scooter. Anthony

Hadn’t thought about that. Will look into it as there just does not seem to be something that fits the bill. Regards

I have a hoist for loading and unloading my scooter it has made a big differance for me , it needs a large boot though if you still need the rear seats .