What can I rant about today?


Now I know we have our own opinions about things like costume dramas, soap operas and TV chefs etc etc but while I love learning about food, I find some presenters rather irritating. I suppose this is a bit of a mild rant.

I apologise if I’ve insulted your favourite.


Oh Steve, Steve, you are going to upset some people.

Now I have decided views on TV chefs.

Nigella just annoys me, soft porn. With a bit of food and fake life.

Nigel Slater, now his old cookery books, before he became a sleb, were in fact pure food loveliness, I used to read his books and salivate. But in person on the telly, nah.

The absolute reverse applies with Gary Rhodes. I have always hated him on TV. But my god his recipes are good.

John Torode in his Masterchef persona is annoying, but his more recent TV has actually been pretty good.

I agree with you about Mary Berry.

And let’s face it there is just too much food on the TV these days. In fact, there is just too much TV.

You know who’s food I admire just lately? Steve Snores. He’s pretty good. And there’s always a bit of room for some little tweaking to suit tastes. He’s my new fave chef.



Once I stop focusing on Jamie’s over sized tongue,I actually like him… No fussing and weighing, bish bosh bash. My kind of cooking. Nigella, erm yes, “soft porn”, hah! I like that. She’s just a little too smug for my liking. You’re never going to catch her shopping in Lidl/Aldi!

Mary Berry. She’s still alive?!

Yep, I’m with Sue. I kinda like this Steve Snore;s food too.

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