Masterchef Australia

I`m sure someone on the old board was watching 2010 Masterchef Australia on Watch channel. Well the 2011 one is just starting, brilliant, far better than the british one.

I won’t do any spoilers but sadly 2011 wasn’t as good as 2010. Too many unnecessary controversies getting in the way of the cooking. Having said that there were some amazing challenges!!! :smiley: If you ever get the chance to watch Junior Master Chef 2010 I thoroughly reccommend it. It is even better then the adult one. My God, those kids can cook! :lol: Enjoy… Belinda (I’ve already seen the series as I live in Aus)

Kangaroo or wombat?

woblyboy wrote:

Kangaroo or wombat?

Goanna and witchetty grubs… :lol: B

Thanks for your reply brog64, especially no spoilers. Yes Ive seen the Jnr M/chef and yes they put us all to shame. Its a copy of the British M/chef but yours wins hands down …under, ours is terrible and this years celebrity m/chef has just started and they`ve pinched the mystery box challenge from you.