Same old TV


Now I know we have our own opinions about things like costume dramas, soap operas and TV chefs etc etc but while I love learning about food, I find some presenters rather irritating. I suppose this is a bit of a mild rant.

I apologise if I’ve insulted your favourite.


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Hi Steve,

I very rarely watch tv, but I did watch The Durrells on itv. I loath the BBC, especially Newsnight.

I mostly follow the newspapers, blogs Facebook and Twitter. I like LBC radio and youtube docs.

Tonight I watched a Stephen Bannon Documentary

So, I suppose I’m an alternative news junkie on social media.

But I have recently watched a few old classic films with my daughter - we watch on my laptop.

Last night we watched West Side Story and the night before that Cold Ice in Alex.

So that’s my entertainment.

Sorry - no cooking programmes.


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I used to love watching Jamie Oliver I thought he was amazing taking on the school meals he did such a good job getting mums some of who were against him in the beginning to change their attitudes towards food . Lee is good at making curries he does a lovely chicken one with sweet potato he always likes using his own spices rather than pastes and jars. I always loved making cakes, I managed to make a coffee and walnut one recently it’s such a simple recipe I’ve done it for years but I don’t do as much now, I struggle with multi tasking and seem to run out of energy quickly. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile phone


i don’t watch cookery stuff. Have seen recent aeroplane things like a pilot with easyJet-that was interesting!


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I prefer ready meals.

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T.V what is that lol. Nah ever watch it, Netflix and Amazon for me. I have watched some brilliant stuff and have so much in the queue i will be over 90 by the time i get to watch it all lol.

I just found the quality on T.V. has gone down, the cooking shows are just boring, the shows like 4 in a bed jumped the shark and got ridiculous, same as all the soaps.

Nah i never watch it now and its not missed at all.

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Daughter stayed with us for a night and I was conned into watching Love Island. Oh my…!

Mags xx

Ha ha ha - Hubby yells at the telly when Mary mentions layers

I can’t stand Nigel Slater, handle John Torrode largely as his food is so good, largely agree with your comments

Lorraine Pascale is pretty good, I liked her recipes when I was baking a lot.

Nice read

Sonia x