what a chuffin` relief!

Afternoon mateys!

Well the man from the council, re my care package charge, has been…

what a gorgeous man…

he wasn`t good looking…

he wasn`t debonair…


he said I dont have to contribute towards the cost of my care!!!

So, he was the lovliest man i`ve met today!

Actually no, that`s not quite right…

I saw my hubby first and then a nice man came to bring me a new air mattress, as the former was sooo noisy…it was like sleeping in a washing machine that never turned off!

So that makes it 3 lovely men I`ve seen today.

I was so worried about today`s re-assessment and did think it could go the wrong way.

Now theres just ESAs decision to wait for. Today is a good day.

luv Pollx

Good to hear poll :slight_smile:

Good news xx

Keep the faith !! Xx

Now thats just downright greedy Poll - not one - not two - but three lovely men. l had a bad start to the day - after a very uncomfortable night kept awake with a very painful knee/hip - l did manage to get to sleep a 6-30am and stayed in bed till nearly 11am. Then decided to have a shower and wash my hair - but fell getting into the shower. l could hear my OH - busy mowing the grass - then l heard the chink of ladders and realised the window cleaner was outside. l could of called out for him to help me up - but then decided ‘No’ so shuffled on my backside and got into the bedroom and eventually managed to climb up the armchair and get upright. Gave up the idea of a shower - so dressed and came downstairs. Made the window cleaner a cup of tea- and paid him. Little did he know what a lucky escape he had. Have started to feel a bit battered and bruised now - so l shall probably end up going back upstairs to sit and recover. Why do we not ‘bounce’ anymore.

Well at least l did save myself [and the poor window cleaner] any embarrassment and will not be the talk of the village.


Oh Frances! Poor you!

Falling is a defo no-no for you with that new hip, eh?

No shower? Get the body spray out and you``ll be fine!

luv POllx