fluffing chuffin` fluff!!

Allo one and all. Today ain`t great! Just read all your lovely replies to my last post, when I was in the doldrums.Thanks ever so.

Well Im there again, im afraid!

Can I tell you how my day has gone?

The payslips didnt arrive in the post.again.......they shouldve come Tues/Wed. So I rang the firm who deals with Payroll for my PAs. Had to re-iterate the hours theyve worked....had to check theyd got the right info, as last month is was wrong.

Got the info, checked the amounts he gave me were right…lots of sums…then the pay slips turned up. But I checked them again…so many hours for Bank Hols…so many for holiday hours…so many regular hours…so many sleepovers…yes, it was right!

I never worked as a wages clerk, but I do now!

This morning, i`ve aslo had to fill in the 8 page form to re-apply for help with NHS costs. That took an age and I hurt my already sore shoulder, reaching for the bank statements file.

Sorry, sorry, sorry…Im moaning, yet these figures need to be checked, dont they? I love Direct Payments. I love my PAs…they are all angels. I`m just being grumpy!

Why was I grumpy? Well, because of this;

I went to empty the washer…I saw bits of white fluff and stuff all over the clean washing…it fell onto the floor…oh sugar! I thought!

I had to call hubby, who was up to his eyes in painting the new deck panels he has just erected…What the.........??? he said.

As he pulled more of the laundry out, more fluff appeared. he told me to drive out of the kitchen and he would sort it.

he took everything out into the garden…have you guessed it yet? I`d left a pad in my pants and it had shredded into everything!

he was able to salvage a few bits of clothing, but the rest went into the dustbin! What a chuffin` mess! Then he had to dismantle the washer to clear the fluff blocking the outlet pipe. Grrr!

What else? Oh yes, my bowels are misbehaving again. It takes ages to sort that problem out and the fatigue goes through the roof…more changes of clothing needed.

Oh this life…its so hard at times...............but I know this................Ill cling on to this life for as long as it takes…i ain`t beaten yet!

luv Pollx

Life is a rum old joker sometimes, Poll, isn’t it?

I hope tomorrow is a better day.



Hi Poll

What a b****r, same sort of problem when you do the washing then discover

someone has left a tissue in the pocket.

Just makes life harder, sorry that happened for you, chin up girl, let’s hope

tomorrow is a bit kinder.


You had to throw the clothes in the bin?

Is it too late to get them back again?

Two words: “lint roller”.

I’m not saying it’s an easy job, but with a few goings over with the roller, and repeated washings, it does eventually come off - it’s only paper, after all (done it many times with tissues in pockets, and once or twice with a panty liner).

Maybe if they were old clothes you weren’t that fond of, it isn’t worth it, but if it was anything you treasured, get them back and have a go!



Hi Al, yeh, tomorrow is quilters meeting.

luv Pollx

Hi Pam, cheers for your support. These things seem so gigantic to us when we aren`t as capable as we were.

Everything takes much longer to sort and zaps us of our precious energy!

Plus when we are trying to cope with something like my sore shoulder, all movements are restricted and difficult.

Tomorrow is another day…my day out!!! Chuff the washing!

luv Pollx

Oh blimey Poll. Bloody nightmare.

Wishing you a really relaxed evening and better day tomorrow. Feet up now. Deep breathing. One… two… and relax…


Pat xx

Hi Pollx,

You seem to be having a rough time of it just now one thing after another,good thing that you have a man,or is it that he has a good woman,makes no diffrence yous are a good team.

Hope things pick up for you soon.

Sending you warm thoughts.

Take Care.


Oh Pol, At times like this there is nothing for it but resort to chocolate or wine, hope tomorrows a better day, Chis x

Hi Chris, not to bothered about wine…but chocolate…oooh yes please!

luv Pollx