fandabby dozy!

Hi gang!

Well what can I say? So many lovely well wishing friends here, for my spc op. Amazing! I know I am amongst good friends.

Well, just 2 days after the op and I`m doing great!

As you know, I was extremely nervous about the op and to be honest, I was scared silly!

But I needen`t have been…it went smashing.

We all got up at 4.15am and got to the hospital for 6.45am, as I was being done early.

You know what time I actually went to theatre?..

2.30pm!!! I know, chuffing rediculous, eh?

I asked why I had to be in so early and the consultant urologist said he likes all his patients checked in and ready for him.

I hadnt had anything to eat since the day before and only a few sips of water in the am.

So,I woke on the morning of the op after a lovely dream…it was so happy and uplifting…I dreampt I was going to Spain with my carer Bev. I said to her I am going to ask my mum for some pocket money. My dear mum actually passed away 12 years ago! I went to see her at the bingo, where she went everyday. She gave me £20 and I said it wasnt enough. Then I asked someone else, who turned out to be Judith from Eggheads…the first millionaire on Who wants to be a Millionaire?

She said, I have no money for you! So then I said to Bev, Come on. Well get a visa card each. Well have 17 days to pay it off!

So there we were, sunhats on and suitcases in tow…and yes, I was walking too…and we headed for the plane…then I woke up!

This put me a wonderful mood and I told the nurses at the hospital and the porter who took me to theatre. We were all singing Viva Espana! It was hilarious. I needed no sedative, no pre-med as they said I was chilled out enough!!!

An hour later I awoke in the delivery room. My breathing was a bit iffy, but it settled within 20 mins.

back to the ward and my bed. At 5.30pm,I had a lovely meal of beef and mushroom pie, mashed potatoes, carrot and swede, followed by apple sponge and custard. That sated my hungry tum!

Then home yesterday and the only pain I`ve had was due to a pubic hair getting caught in the dressing!

So yeh, guys, i`m doing well. Been sitting out with my summer white cropped leggings, white cheesecloth blouse, back and silver jewellery and feel champion.

Suprapubic catheter? Chuffin fantastic!

much luv


So pleased it went well for you Poll. My supra pubic take 2 is on July 23rd. Nice chatting earlier. Luv Linda x

hi Poll, Great news:-)) I’m so glad it all went well for you! Onwards and upwards as they say. I hope it makes a huge difference to your quality of life. It has done mine, even with the odd hiccup! Good to have you back here too! Take care, Sara xx

Welcome to the SPC club poll,I hope it’s sorts out your plumbing

I have had mine for years and it was godsend for me


Been thinking of you Poll. Am so pleased it went well and glad you are home.

I missed you.

“Welcome Back Sweets”

Shazzie xx

Hi Poll,

I’m really pleased it all went well, Glad you’re feeling good, now get working on relaxing in the garden!


Nice one Poll,presumably you’ll be seeing how much you can drink before the bag’s full.Can you water the grass if they ban hosepipes again?

Nice to see you back at the party,

Wb xx

so pleased it all went well.hope lifes a bit easier for you with it now.

jaki xx

Great to see you back Poll, glad all went so well xxxx

Very happy for you Poll :slight_smile: Lovely to have you back. Sam x

Hi Poll,

I’m so pleased all went well and hope this helps giving you more freedom to get out and about without having to worrying about being able to get into the inadequate disabled toilet facilities.

Well done,

Love, Mary

Glad it all went well Poll. Hope the SPC makes life much easier for you

Tracey x

Glad it went well Poll and its lovely to have you back. Teresa.x

Sounds like a really positive experience Poll. So glad it went well and hopefully it will change your life, for the good! Teresa xx

Thats put a big big smile on my face Poll!! So glad it went well. Well done x. Steve

Hi Poll, So pleased it went well and now things can only get better… It’s very positive that you’re feeling so good after such a short time.

Cheers again guys!

Had some discomfort in the night and awake every hour…guess the heat didnt help!

Had a shower and have been this morning…no probs in that department!

District nurse has been to check the wound and leave me some bags.

Got all these new bags and simply can`t find any shoes to match!


luv Pollx

Life will be a lot easier for you now Poll. You will soon wonder how you managed prior to the op.

l am sitting under the ‘parasol’ in the shade - too hot to do anything but read. Neighbour gave me some good books. Yesterday.l read the Sanctus by Simon Toyne - today l am now half way through the sequel ‘The Key’ - very mysterious - can’t put it down. Think l must have been reading all night.

l am sitting on a swinging seat - so l am ‘exercising’ - l keep pushing with my legs hoping to strengthen muscles. When l get to a really exciting bit l push the swing even harder. lts a good job l am not reading 50shades - l would have turned somersaults by now.

Yabba Dabba Doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Well done Poll…

Love Pat xxx

Hi Poll

I haven’t been on for a while so didn’t know that you were having a spc. I have had mine for 8yrs, really changes your life. I have done a bit of “grass watering” when we went to steam rallies. I have been having lots of problems with my bowels and I came on a while ago asking if anyone had had a colostomy. Although I had a few replies nobody had a colostomy done. Anyway I am going in for it doing tomorrow. I have to be there for 7am but like Poll says it could be afternoon. The consultant said he may be able to do it keyhole, he will put a camera in first to see. It’s a five hour operation apparently.

Anyway as soon as I am home and feel well enough I will come on, and then possibly I may be able to help someone who is thinking about have the procedure done. I am literally sh… myself (pardone the pun). Most annoying thing is that it’s going to lovely this week and I will be stuck in there for 5 days.