Werid question time

I was told me December 2010 that had I had MS and ever since then my sex drive as gone.

I have spoken to people about it and they said it will come back.

I just feel so down cause its not fair on my husband.

Can anyone help with ideas to see if i can get it back?

Thanks Allie

There are no weird questions on this site Allie, this male is suffering from similar symptoms at present.

The good thing is that I can discuss anything with my wife (although there are not always direct solutions to a problem).

You have spoken to ‘people’… who is the best person to speak to? Maybe feeling more relaxed about it will help? There are still many questions unanswered with regard to MS, I suppose the MS nurse is the person to speak to? We are ALL humans Allie.

Good luck.

Thanks for your help and comments.

I’m going to have another word with my ms nurse and see what else i can do.

thanks Allie x

Thats exactly how I feel Tracy and I too have a very understanding husband.

It is nice to know that this has happened to someone else cause I felt like it was all my fault if that makes sense.

Hopefully things can get back to normal soon cause we had a great sex life before.


Allie x