Man problems!?


I’ve had MS for about 6/7 years now, I’ve never had sex neither do I masturbate but I seem to hardly or never had any wet dreams, is this a direct result of the MS damage. Does anybody else suffer from these same problems?

Just something on my mind was wondering if I could get any help here with the possibly embarassing things!


Don’t be too shy, there is help and MS is likely to knock most peoples sex drives! I very much doubt you are alone and have seen quite a few comments from guys with erectile dysfuntion issues. And if you have suffered from depression like a lot of people, that’ll mess with your sex-drive even further

I had a conversation with someone via a Facebook group about LDN - he was hoping it would help him, that’s not something that’s talked about really but given it’s supposed to help your body produce endorphins then who knows?!

Good luck

Sonia x


You’re definitely not alone! I had a complete two year absence of sex drive shortly after diagnosis, after 33 years of having an over-abundant one! Even now when I’m symptomatic it’s the first thing to disappear.

It might sound strange, but it was (at times) a nice relief: as in, one less “itch to scratch”. Gave my brain space to think about other things. Hopefully that might help put a positive spin on the situation. Monks and spiritual people often put a lot of time and effort into their celibacy…

Take care.

M x

MS can certainly affect the “sex signals” around the body but there is help out there for us guys who find it a problem, urologists and a good MS nurse can get you the help to alleviate the “problem” but it all depends on age as well and sex drive can have its peaks and troughs.

So I presume the wet dream issue is a relared ‘issue’. I guess that’s explained then!

Thanks a lot guys.

Definitely not alone on this issue…my sex drive has also disappeared completely…its like playing snooker with a rope! I have read that it is a symptom of MS but not sure if there is any solution available.

I am completley opposite. I get several involuntart erection per day which can last as long as 2 hours. Masturbating until I ejaculater does not make the erection go down

Its very embarrasing out in public when it happens as it can be seen through my trousers