One for the guys. Sorry girls, look away :P

Loooking for some advice of the sex kind from any guys with experience of having dificulties maintaining an erection? My GP has prescribed me with sildenafl and it doesn’t seem to be working too effective for me.It can get me going but when it does I can’t climax. Looking to see if there’s anything else that work for you guys that I could try out, getting pretty frustrated as you can imagine.

P.s sorry if anyone is embarrassed by this topic.

Are you taking anything else and if so have you changed the dose recently?
I was doing just fine until I increased my dose of Gabapentin, on advice. From that point on things went south, so to speak.
I too tried sildenafl and all I got was a headace

I reduced the dose of Gabapentin back to where it it was before and the normal function was restored.

It is just a thought.

Hi Blueboy,

Contact the MS Society for a booklet “Sex, intimacy and relationships” MS Essentials 12. - May help you.

This booklet looks at the impact of MS and related sexual problems on relationships, intimacy and sexuality. It is for anyone with MS, whether or not sexually active, or in a relationship. It explains how to treat an manage difficulties experieced.

Other ideas are - NHS drugs from your doctor or have a look at the natural way with the help of -SOMAerect - Penile Rehabilitation from

Good luck. Andy