Male problems

For a while it has been difficult for me to maintain an erection, I can get one but keeping it is a problem. I also quite often wake with an erection but it goes away quickly. I booked an appointment with my GP who has now prescribed viagra for me. I thought it would be a bit embarassing but it wasn’t, she (yes, female GP didn’t occur to me to ask for a male GP) was very profesional about it. It was also a female pharmacist who was quite discrete and treated it as any other prescription . I’ve been prescribed the lowest dose and I’ve been told to take half a pill and see how it goes. First two times it wasn’t that great, not sure why but the third time it worked much better.

The point of this post is, this is a common problem for a man with MS. There is help out there and it wasn’t as embarassing as I thought it would asking for that help.


Well done for having the confidence to see your GP. Many men allow embarrassment to get in the way of seeking help…relationships are risked being spoilt So good for you. I should hope she was professional with you. We women have to consult male GPs often…there are just more of them, so we don’t always have a choice. Mines female though :slight_smile: All the best to you :slight_smile:

Hi Anon,

“Something for the weekend Sir !!”

Thought I would reply, because no one else will !! and here is an alternative, if needed.

Erectile Dysfunction causes the inability to engage in relations with your partner, it can affect up to 1 in 10 men and becomes more common with age, especially for those with health conditions. Concerns with loss of manhood or the role of intimacy in a couple’s relationship can cause a great deal of distress and reduced quality of life to those affected. However, in today’s world erectile disfunction is treatable.

Vacuum Therapy is the safest and most consistently successful non-evasive treatment option for your ED problem, applied in a totally natural way. Clinical proven to work for over 92% of men. ( So they say !! )

Vacuum treatment has none of the unpleasant side-effects associated with drug therapies and is more cost effective over a longer term. Plus, you can use the device as often as you want.


Hi Good for u having the courage to ask your Gp. And great it worked third time. U maybe were more relaxed. Lots of reasons for it. My ex who was in his 20s at the time when we first started dating couldn’t ‘perform’ no matter how hard he tried excuse the pun. Turned out to be nerves he got drunk and everything worked. And the next time he didn’t need alcohol. Was a bit put out he needed drunk. Lately a ‘friend’ I know took Viagra to speed up recovery. He’d thought ahead. He was trying it for the first time and was curious if it would work. I didn’t know what to say. I just smiled and supplied the water. On a serious note it’s great u were man enough to ask for help.

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Good for you.

Us men aren’t knowen for going to the doc for getting things checked out.

Just thought I’d reply to show solidarity with you.

Men with MS in particularly wheelchair bound men are.

Your no less a man because you have ED problems.

Besides there is more than one way to skin a cat as the saying goes, you just have to get creative.

You can also ask to see a Urologist if you have further problems and there are other avenues available to you.


PS I suffer from ED.

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Hi Anon,

Its really good to see that men can chat about their personal problems, even without the comic remarks, which un-doubtably are going through peoples minds with this subject.

Jokes aside, men have a tendency not to talk about their problems and often never seek proffessional advise, until it is to late.

I wish you the best and hope you find your answer.


I bumped this up again, as it is common for us guys (ED) with MS - but Dr Dinsmore is one of the UK’s top urologist’s in the Royal Victoria Hosp in Belfast and I found him a great help plus his assistant (a lady Dr) who spoke quite frankly and the male nurse showed me how to use caverjet (inject) and my wife and I have great sex now, don’t let it hide away - seek help…don’t forget some medications may cause unwanted erections…theres no such thing as an unwanted erection…lol…


i am aware these are very real issues but dont they become even a bigger problem if u let it in your head like vicious circle stuff i mean?

am not underestimating the prob-some of you know the state i am in physically-i do understand whats being said!


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Hi anon’s,

Its good to talk, foreplay better, with a happy ending the climax !!! Lets get back to the age of “rock n roll”/ “shake n shimmey”/ “twist n shout” the list could be endless…

At least we can all chat about the subject. Its a human act/need and the more people talk about the topic the better, because sometimes it is treated or ignored and it can really effect a relationship, even the strong need something.

Hope we can still chat.

Regards, Andy

hi all

i have really liked a lot of these posts, as despite anonymity, everyone is talking very candidly and, ahem (pardon the unintended pun) ‘straight up’. we need more of this, especially for (us) fellas.

lets hope this spirit of honesty continues!

best wishes to all, fluffyollie x

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Hi all,

my oft repeated line is this “one of the good things about MS is you can get Viagara on prescription. One of the bad things about MS is you need it”

Like a lot of you MS has affected my sexual prowess. I was prescribed Viagra which does the trick. However it also gives me quite uncomfortable flushes.

I was then recommended Ciallis which I find to be much better. It’s a slightly slower release but really does the job.

it really helps, good luck all



Hi Welshpony My partner would have exploded to read that ED “causes the inability to engage in relations…”. She sees it as an utterly male way of thinking to presume that erections are all; but for this male the psychological destruction of ED is all too real - and, she insists, needing pills or vacuum pumps will not make me feel any better about myself. And what is this unidentified “age” factor which can make ED more common? OK, so I’m male, and over 70, and had an extremely full and monogamous sex life until MS struck some three years ago, at which point ED became the norm. My Consultant diagnosed me as “atypical” then, and subsequently labelled my ED as “age related”, all of which, and more, were unhelpful. I suppose that I am angry: angry at the NHS, angry at MS, and angry at myself. I have had a marriage faithful on both sides for almost 50 years, and still going strong. It is simply not fair that something quite beyond my control has brought me down. It’s that loss of intimacy and utter closeness that I miss so sorely, and Herself says that I must reconcile my state to myself, lest I do myself some mischief. Yes, I grind my teeth in frustration. It simply is not fair…

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Viagra on the NHS Hi all, hope you are well today. Reading through some of these blog, I am surprised that there are so many people that have not been advised that MS is on the list for Doctors to prescribe. Go to your GP or contact your Neurologist and they will confirm that Sildenafil (the generic name for Viagra) Is available on the NHS for Erectile disfunction which can be a symptom of MS. The problem is though that you can only have one per week on prescription. They come in three doses 100,50 or 25mg tablets. The advice would be to ask for 100mg and cut them in half and get 2*50mg per week. If you get that diagnosis which usually only consists of your testimony that you are having difficulty keeping an erection to orgasm, you can ask for a private prescription for a lager quantity but you could be asked for a fee for that prescription which you would take to the Chemist that stocks Sildenafil or look up suppliers on the internet, there are many reputable Chemists but there are many suppliers that are not so be careful. Sorry for the females, I don’t believe that at this moment in time there is a female Viagra but I believe that there are many researchers that are frantically looking for one. Hope this helps. ADDITION Things have changed since I first posted this. As you are probably aware by now you don’t even need a prescription anymore, you can just buy it over the counter at the chemist. What I would like to add though is that even if you use Sildenafil, it won’t work if your not in the mood. So relax and stop worrying about it, focus on enjoying the event and not so much on the outcome. PS Come on, most Porn Stars use them and it is quite fashionable to keep one with your Condoms when your going out. There’s no stigmas now.

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I was diagnosed with rrms just over a year ago I am now suffering from erectile dysfunction. I’m 31 and I honestly feel like my life is over. What is the point if I can’t satisfy women any more. I’ve broken up with my girlfriend due to my anger and I’ve ran away half way across the world. I’m very depressed and don’t really feel like I have anything left. Things feel like they can only get worse. Disability feels like a guaranteed eventuality! Don’t feel like a man any more

Please forgive me if this topic has appeared elsewhere, but it is of value to reiterate the conditions of MS and its ugly allies who conspire to defeat us with wedge issues. MS and male performance is like a stand up comedy unless you are the butt of the joke, it ain’t funny. I am the focus of that joke. This forum universally recommends a urology consult. I got uro’d and am better for it. After prostate surgery the challenge is doubled for me and my wife who understands, is patient, prefers life over a long enduring tribulation and death by cancer. I do injections of Trimix. It works, maybe not 100% but the chemistry is there to reignite the latent man in you. Things are now looking up (pun). Please seek help. A new man awaits you.

Ask GP about Ciallis

You can take 2 tabs for an immediate hit, something like Viagra, or 1 tab as a maintenance dose daily.

This second option is better as you dont end up walking around like you have 3 legs, you only get an erection when stimulated.

Jactac, Pssst, that’s Cialis

I was too busy concentrating on “other stuff” to read the packaging

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To Mozzza86

​Your post saddened me, I hope you are feeling somewhat more positive now as I see you posted several months ago about ED.

I am in my mid 50’s, so is my husband of 5 years (we have both been married before). He has RRMS and suffers from ED. I am almost through the menopause and now have very low libido. So the combination of all these things means that our love life is sporadic but Cialis certainly helps.

The reason for posting here in response to your post is that the climax is not everything, the journey towards it can be just as satisfying, as the most important thing is the closeness and connection between you and your loved one.

Don’t waste another day without affection, try again and find someone who will understand what you are going through and who will be supportive. My husband and I met half way through our lives (when he had already been living with RRMS for some 20 years), but I wanted to let you know that finding happiness is still possible, no matter what your age.

Best wishes.

Have recently been diagnosed rrms and have been struggling with getting and maintaining and eriction before this i had a stint of not being able to ejaculate now i am avoiding the whole matter because it is all i can think about