one for the men...

Okay put it simply my wee man is not standing to attention anymore.all of a sudden I have lost all feeling at the important end so no matter what we do we get no response. Any tips would be much appreciated…

Hello Anon,I do like the pun, intended or not.You will have to see the GP and explain the trouble.If you can both get there,so much the better.Problems with the Lad are usually plumbing or wiring. The majority of blokes with problems get given the Big Vee…Viagra,to increase blood flow. It might work,but if it is a wiring problem it could be a bit more hit’n’miss to get results.

Over the years, I/we noticed good things with GABAPENTIN sometimes, just the right amount of Booze which increases blood flow,the Big Vee tended to be hit and miss.I used LDN four years ago for a few weeks until it caused more pain ,but the Boudoir was pretty busy.

If the GP has no real ideas it’ll have to be the MS nurse,or if you can get it, an appointment with the neuro.You’ve got to keep ‘helping’ the partner out and stay strong for each other,until things get sorted.

Good luck,


Hello again Anon,I forgot to ask you to consider what Meds you are on, and have there been any changes coinciding with aforementioned problems.Anything Opiate based could be to blame, as could stress,sleep problems, too much ‘bending of the elbow’ etc.

I don’t know whether to blame MS,Morphine or middle age for my mushy memory,



The doc will be able to perscribe pills like Viagra although personally it just gave me a headache.

Cialis and Levitra are better and they have a longer window they last about 36 hrs.
That doesn’t mean an erection for 36 hrs you still need stimulation but you can be a little more spontanious. ( hope that makes sense, I know what I mean ).

The best bet is to be refered to a Urologist ( can’t believe I said that because I absolutly dread going there ).

He will be able to discuss all the options with you.

I am on injections ( not as bad as it sounds it’s only a little prick, can’t resist that pun ).

Seriously though the Urologist is your best option, can be very embarissing at first but you’ll get through it and you sound as though you have a good partner behind you.

Remember there is always more than one way to skin a cat, you don’t neccassaryly need penatration to satisfy yourself or your partner so get creative.

P S I can see why you went anon it’s a very emmbarrising problem that men don’t like to admit to. nobody will judge you, lets face it there are probably lots of men on here who just put up with the problem at least you are doing something about it

As has been said - tablets can increase the blood flow but for us male MSers, the wiring can get mixed up so injections may be your best option, definitely recommend a visit to your Urologist, get your MS nurse to refer you and they will get you sorted, no doubt. Nothing to be embarassed about, as medication and illnesses can affect our ability in the bedroom to function properly, but help is out there when needed.