for us guys

dx with ms in 1999,but i am impotent,i use penile injections,but my tremor is getting worse,and making up the drug getting harder,do any of u have sucess with tablets,viagra or calis,

Hi Colin

What about speaking to your pharmacist and asking them to make up the injection or does it have to be made up immediately prior to use?


had half a viagra some years ago, given to be my best mate. worked well for me- he previously tried a whole one, and in his words he could have ‘used it as a hammer’, so that sounds like a ringing endorsement! unless there’s a medical reason why you can’t, i’d speak to the doctor as its known that MS affects libedo and associated problems, all of which add to depression.

btw what is ‘bump’ for? is it to get it up (no pun intended) the subjects list?

good luck, and give 'em a try i say :0)


I have the same problem, although injections haven’t worked for me for a while.

Just gone back to the urologist and he has perscribed a low dose of Viagra ( 25mg )to be taken 5 days a week to try for a month but it doesn’t seem to have worked.

Think there is more chance of raising the Titanic.

Still there are plenty of techniques when it comes to sex, get creative in the bedroom it’s fun.

Try to keep you posted how I go on.

Anyway now I’m getting married, hope things improve for the nuptuals.


P.S. Have you tried concering the mindgasm.

thanks for replies,got diffrent injection,that i dont need to make up,but not as strong,give it ago,see if it works

Hi Colin - I have used tablets and they can be a bit hit and miss but the new injections should be premixed and come in different strengths - I have had mostly success with them but i did puncture my urethra one night and blood coming from the end of my manhood was rather off putting to be honest but they are developing stuff all the time - keep in touch with your urologist…

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