Newly Diognosed and have a Question

I was diagnosed in September 2012.
I didnt know anything about MS so have been doing alot of reading and alot of things have been making sense.
I have thought about when my first “episode” was and am positive it was back in 1992 and have had about 8-10 memorable episodes over the last 21 years.
There is one question I do have though.
Has anybody else lost the desire to have sex.
I have read that sexual dysfunction is a symptom but they usually talk about pain and discomfort (Which is relavant to me) but havent really found anything about losing the desire.
I have been with my husband for 24 years and hes a VERY patient man but it has been the biggest cause of our arguments for proberly the last 15 years.
I do love him more than anything but just dont have a desire for sex like I use too.

Please tell me its MS related and there is something I can do to help

I don’t have MS dx, but was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 10 years ago. I have no desire for sex either. It doesn’t help having horrible hip pain all the time. We’ve been married for 26 years and haven’t had sex for over 18 months and only rarely before that. fortunately my husband understands and doesn’t pressure me.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Apparently the single biggest factor in female MSers’ sexual dysfunction is fatigue, but female libido is a complicated thing - there’s usually a big psychological element and when someone’s in pain, is exhausted, maybe doesn’t get the same pleasure from sex as they used to and feels less than their best or maybe even resents their body for letting them down, it’s hardly surprising that a lot of female MSers have a problem :frowning:

If you go to the multiple sclerosis research blogspot and search female sexual dysfunction, you are bound to get a lot of results - I remember they had quite a lot on it last year.

Not that that will help a huge amount so on a more practical note: viagra also works for women. It won’t make you want sex, but it might help you to enjoy it more, which might help to make you want it more in future? Most GP’s won’t prescribe it for women so you might have to ask your neuro or MS nurse - it’s worth a try perhaps?

Karen x