Sexual dysfunction

I feel very alone. My partner has over recent months developed most of the classic MS symptoms and has received a conditional diagnosis of MS pending further tests by a professor of Neurology and the MRI. The most distressing of symptoms for him now, threatening to destroy our engagement is the failure to be able to ejaculate and sustain an election. It’s something he will not discuss with me, the subject is closed as he is trying to come to terms with the other symptoms and a fear of what is to come. Whether in remission that function will return, we have no idea, being new to MS. We were only engaged in January and this is wrecking everything. It’s a very difficult topic to discuss anywhere else, so any support or information would be gratefully received.

Hey Jose Anne. How are yer? Sorry to read your post, and the situation you’re in. This thing hits you for six. When you accept it, it takes time. I ignored it for fifteen years myself. The intimacy is a real ego thing. (There’s a similar thread on everyday living). I can see where he’s at for not being able to perform. I myself have issues, and although my wife says it doesn’t matter, it’s frustrating. Ironically, some guys can’t finish… (oh to have that problem…) Loss of sensation doesn’t help. He may be in pain from other symptoms too. If he’s not a big sharer, he’s probably bottling all his fears and worries up inside him. ’ Are you going to leave him for a ‘real’ man’? What if he’s doomed to a chair? What if he can’t support you…? All those types of shit thoughts. Oh, and depression is part of this crap too. But there are ways to control it, ease the pain, have a ‘normal’ life. If he comes on here, he’ll see we’re all at that rodeo. (Make it seem like it’s his idea) There’s always room for you too… He can always pm me if he has questions etc

Hi Jose Anne,

The MS Society has a publication called Sex, Intimacy and Relationships and other relating to sexual problems.

Is as good a starting place as any.



Sexual difficulties like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation are common in MS. These problems result from difficult interaction of physical, psychological, social and emotional things. The most important thing is dealing with the sexual problem is to be ready to discuss them. Discuss to someone with whom you feel safe and relaxed. This may be your partner, a close friend or a health professional. Even though speaking about the sexual issue with the health professional or doctor can be really not easy for many people with MS. But sexuality is the most important part of life. [link removed by moderator]

just wondering if you meant retrograde ejaculation, where the semen shoots back into the bladder instead of out, or failure to ejaculate because of not reaching orgasm. Is Cialis a possibility for the erection?

hi all, I was diagnosed about 6 years ago, and I e realised very recently that I’m lost, I am really really down, I have recently started getting migraines and I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt like me, my life sucks right now and I really really need help, where do I go first xx