advice on a very sensitive subject please

Hi everyone, a particularly sensitive matter here, I truly hope it doesn’t cause any offence to anyone, I’ve been careful to pick the appropriate thread to post in and I figured by the title of the thread I’m posting in it would be ok to talk about this. my boyfriend has ms, I love him very much and we are really good together, we have the same sense of humour, we laugh at the silliest things, he treats me like a queen we were friends at the time of his diagnosis and I did then and continue to support him with his ms. We been been together for 4 months now, I am his first ever girlfriend, I was his first kiss, he is a virgin which doesn’t bother me at all. He says he’s ready and wants to have a sexual relationship and he knows I would like to have one too and I have never put any pressure at all on him and have always said it’s when he feels ready. Again I hope this doesn’t cause any offence to anyone, Has anyone experienced sexual difficulty due to the ms? We have tried to research it but still know very little about if ms can be the cause of erectile disfunction Which has occurred on the few occasions when we have tried to be intimate. Thankyou in advance for any advice.

Do not worry about this being a sensitive matter.

Yes MS can cause ED, along with quite a few other things, but get him to talk to his GP. It is nerve racking talking with a “stranger” about it but they are used to it and there are several things that can be suggested/given that may help.