hi peeps i used to be on a forum type site before but stopped using it due to one thing and another. used my toolbar thingumyflip this morn and this is where i ended up. been wi my good lady for 12 years married for six of em would love to say all good but you no m.s. she was officially diagnosed bout 8 years ago but was suffering symptoms before i met her. have both suffered in the past but apart from the odd one or two issues (her need to control everything), and a virtually non existant sex life which i do reeeeaaaaallly struggle with, we’re pretty mellow. i work full time then start again when i get in the door. my oh is mobile with the aid of a stick but has up days an down days as do most sufferers. i can understand most things but being ignored in/out of the bedroom grinds my gears. gonna bugger orf now have waffled on long enuff just wanted to say hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

sorry bout the filtered word. i didn’t think THAT word was too strong

Hi, do you think it would help to get some outside help in, to give you a break from all the chores?

MS/RA got in the way of our sex life too. But 40 years means more to us than a roll in the sack.

luv Pollx

I’ve been with my current husband for a few years. We met when I was well, fit, fiesty and fun, but the last few years have been hard in many ways. I love my husband to bits, but I am so knackered, sore, tired, in pain, stressed, and feel so undignified, unsexy, and traumatised, that sex is the last thing on my mind. Actually, that’s not stricktly true, I think about it alot, how to avoid it, how guilty I feel denying him, how I used to love it, how its another chore to be ticked off before I can get some ‘me time’. And so on. I also think, ‘how the hell can he fancy me like this?’, then think, perhaps he doesn’t, he just needs sex, and that makes me feel worse, as I just feel lke a recepticle! Dreadfull isn’t it? God, we used to be at it hammer and tongs. There are the rare occassions when I get a glimmer of desire but am too afraid to approach him, as I feel so guilty about all the times I turn him down, so decide not to act on it. Then I jusy despise myself more. Sometimes I think I’ll have to leave him before it gets too bad, set him free, its not fair for him, but I know it would kill us both, because we love each other so much. But how long will he keep on loving me if this goes on? I’m not going to get better am I?