New to the forum

Hi, I’ve been meaning to join these forums for a while and I’ve finally taken the plunge. I met my wonderful husband to be who has MS last year. I read through the forums many a time, in particular during his most recent relapse and the advice and help I read was invaluable. I guess I’d just like to say ‘hello’ as we’re currently in the process of me becoming his ‘formal’ carer, even though I don’t see it that way :slight_smile:

Hi Anonymous, (although I would much rather address you by your proper name!) I’m on the other side of the fence, but had to reply, because of your post. What a lovely, caring wife you will make- exactly the kind of support your poor husband needs. I read the following comment on the forum, a while back and it has stayed with me ever since, as a very positive ray of light, " Your life will continue to be mostly fine, occasionally brilliant and once in a blue moon, maybe a little low". I hope you have a very happy life together! Best wishes x

Welcome to the forum and to your fella too.

Glad you`ve found help here. We do our best to support each other and to give us a place to come when we need advice, company and just a good old chinwag.



Just wanted to say hello. There are lots of lovely people on this site, some who have MS and also some who are carers of those with MS. You sound a lovely couple and I am so pleased you have decided to join us.

I really look forward to lots of lovely chats and laughs with you and your hubby to be (we do have lots of laughs on here too!)

Take care and you know where we are if you need us.

Shazzie xx

Hi, I’ve also been meaning to join these forums for a while. My daughter was diagnosed last march at only 12 years of age. I just wanted to say hi to anonymous as a newbie and hopefully We will get lots of tips, support and encouragement from other members