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Hi Everyone, my name is Harvey and my wife has MS , she was diagnosed in 1999 and has become steaily worse over the past few years , we live in Yateley and look forward to talking with everyone.

hi Harvey welcome to the site,im new here to my husband as ppms and find this forum helps me hope you to.

Thanks Christine I’m hoping it will

Welcome aboard this wobbly, but sometimes jolly ship Harvey!

Carers can talk on any board they like, so pop around the site for info, support and camaradirie.


Welcome Harvey We all here to help and advise you if we can. Diane x x

HI Harvey

I used to teach at Golds Gym in Camberley so I know Yately a bit… uh oh, I just looked at the Marco Pierre White menu at Casa for Christmas day and I’m now thinking that looks like a cracking idea… oops, I am SO easily distracted!

Welcome on board Harvey, this is definitely the place to come if you need some support :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Thanks everyone for the welcome, Sonia your right about the restaraunt it does look good, Harvey

Hi All ,

I’m new to the website and forum , I’m Glenn and my wife has recently been diagnosed with MS ( bout 3 months ago ) she has been in hospital and we havent had the second confirmation diagnosis yet , but she has had the scans and has 3 lesions on her brain . We’ve been trying to manage but i now realise that we are gonna need help and support but I dont know where to look and where to go , so found the MS site and have rang our local branch today . (Sheffield)

I’m looking for some guidance with regard to her symptoms , as she is getting worse , she sleeps a lot now and is always tired , her numbness is gettting worse and I really dont know what to do about this to help her , she is on gabapentin oral solution ( has a tablet phobia) and is up to 6ml 3 times a day but this is not helping much now .

Does anyone have any experience of an alternative to gabapentin that we could try or any useful suggestions .

I havent had time to look at the forum post in detail yet ( have 2 jobs), but will look when i get the time .

Anyway great forum and hope to hear from you all


Hi Harvey and Glenn.

Welcome to the forum. We are all good friends and we all use all the boards here.

I know that Gabapentin makes me tired when I take it, which isn’t often. It is very good for the pain though. I’m sure there are alternatives so ask your wife’s GP or MS Nurse. Mind you one of the symptoms of MS is fatigue. Hope things get better for you both soon.

Look forward to chatting with you.

Shazzie x

Hi Shazzie ,

thanks for your reply , my wife has been to the gp’s and he has given somer more gabapentin higher strength dosage 400mg 3 times a day .

Hopefully this should improve matters ?

all the best