Hi, my wife was diagnosed with RRMS in July of this year, decided it is time for me to get my act together and find out a bit more about what we as a family will be facing. I realise every case is unique, but if anyone has some sagely advice it would be appreciated. Anyway that’s my hello, over to you guys.

Hi Jimbomitch,

Welcome to our sellective club !!

You may find it better to use a number of forums, not just “carers” but" living" also.

If you have a problem or just want a rant, by all means do so, everyone else does !!

All of our members, I am sure will try and give you advise, experiences and most of all humour !!

Regards, Andy

Thank Andy, I’ll have a good look around the forums at the weekend.

Hi Andy,

I’ll have a good look around the forum over the weekend, thanks