I dont really know why I am posting this as anon - its not as tho we know each other walking down the street.

So I have been dx almost 4 years now. REBIF 2 years and now on Tysabri. I am almost 30 (DUM DUM DUMMMM).

So, I have never liked being touched, I dont like anyone stroking my hand or my arm - its uncomfortable like people are touching me with something really hot or sometimes its like someone has given me a dead arm just by patting it. Well, I have had this feeling for years. But I have alwasy managed to have normal “nocturnal relations” with my hubby. But the last year has been a nightmare the feelings of pain I get when he touches me anywhere is just too hard to bear, and I dont mean the pain itself - I could cope with the pain if it were just that. But when my mind is constantly on the pain I just dont want to do the deed, I have no desire at anytime to have sex - at all, ever. half the time I just do it because I feel guilty that we dont do it and I just hope and hope its quick. He understands - its not that he pressures me or anything and he is completely happy with our relationship. But I want us to have a normal relationship and it just always ends in tears. I also know that I am not helping myself by not talking to the dr or nurse - but I cannot seem to ever get myself to say it to them. Every appt I think “Thats it - I am saying it this time”. Then I never do. I guess I feel I will be judged and they will think that sex problems are the least of my worries - although I know in my head they wont say that.

How easy have you all foudn it to speak to people about sex? Have they given you advice? Did it help? I have only been married 3 months, we should be swinging from chandeliers - well if I had one and even if I did it would probably collapse with the weight.

I just will say again my hubby is completely understanding - he has MS too, he couldnt understand it more if he tried.


Ah now, the last sentence of your post speaks volumes…him having MS too, will make him more understanding than the average Joe Bloggs!

s you have been married just a short time, was this problem not discovered before you got married?

You say you have never liked anyone touching you…so…did it occur during your courtship days?

I guess if it did and your OH knew it was a problem and he still stayed with you and married you…that says a lot about how much he really loves you. That`s comforting, eh?

If you want to try to get this problem sorted, youre gonna have to talk to someone. Maybe your MS nurse would be a good place to start. She will have heard about this type of difficulty before, therefore Im sure she`ll know how to help you both.

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