Sex is just not the same at the moment


I am not sure if anyone can help… new to MS and minor symptoms at present, but have been finding a loss of sensation during sex and just wondered if anyone else had felt the same, and if it had ever got better? Or any ideas about who to talk to?? Way too embarrassing to talk to my Dr or neurologist, and don’t want to overtalk it with my husband but of all things this has made me feel the most down about it all.

Any help/ ideas much appreciated!

many thanks xx


Yes that’s happened to me! It happened last year before I was diagnosed so really freaked me out, everyones ms is different so obviously can only comment on personal experience.

It happened when it was summer and I think maybe the temperature had something to do with it. It only happened a few times when it was hot or I was particularly tired. The good news is it went away on it’s own, but did scare me as I had no idea what was happening.

I know we all get embarassed about these things but please don’t be(easier said than done I know!) I think it might be worth talking about with GP or neuro, do you have a MS nurse? If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone face to face then you could always ring to helpline 0808 800 8000 available weekdays 9am-9pm they might put your mind at rest and answer your questions

Hoping I’ve helped in some way

Take care


hi, i too have lost most of the feeling “down there”, and can sympathise with you and miss the closeness sex can bring.

phone the helpline it will help lorraine x