Well here is an update for ya!!!!!!

Hey all hope ur ok?

Soooo whats new? Well LDN prescription has been ordered and should be here on Friday...Going to give it a whirl- got nothing to lose.

MY ms symptoms at the mo are:

1) Fatigue (my god what a bitch)

2) Optic Neuritis is still here. coming up to 7 weeks now. Is improving but soooo slowly.

3) Occasional tingling in legs

4) Mild back pain from my relapse last year.

Those are my symptoms and compared to some of you on here i would say mine is quite mild! Any advice about fatigue? ive heard that LDN can really help! So yea im gna start on my ldn and obviously if it doesnt work then i will start copaxone but at the moment there is no way im taking it.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated 

much love xx

Hi Beccy

From what I've read (on this site) LDN helps some people with their fatigue - it might pay you to have a look on the Everyday Living forum, I've definitely read posts about it on there.

I take modafinil (for fatigue), pregabalin and also clonazepam which my neuro originally prescribed and my GP does repeats for.

The copaxone (and other dmd's) aren't designed to help with your symptoms as such, they work in the background to help reduce the amount and severity of relapses. For symptomatic issues like fatigue, pain etc there are different meds available for.....If that makes sense?! 

Have a look at the publications list on here - there's one on fatigue which might be useful to you.

Good luck with the LDN

Debbie xx



Thanks Debbie thats really nice of you.

I have heard LDN can help progression of MS too so we shall see hey! All i know is at this moment in time i am not prepared to start on copaxone but never say never right?

Hope u are well too?

Bex xx

I’m afraid there is no credible evidence to support the claim that LDN reduces disease progression, Beccy. If you’re worried about progression (as I am!) and want to do something about it, you’ll need to take the conventional route, sad to say.

I hope the LDN helps with your symptoms, though.



Hi Alison.

Have a read of this if u have a chance


I am confident this will work and of course if i keep relapsing then i will jump onto copaxone but remember everyones ms is different and u never know what will happen. At this moment in time i am staying well and truly away.

Take care 



Hey Beccy - well done on getting your prescription for LDN. I really hope you get good results please let us know. Did your GP prescribe and if so how did you persuade them?
I tried amatadine for fatigue but found modafanil better. Gps aren’t supposed to prescribe modafanil anymore so you might have a fight for that one

Thank you, Beccy. I completely accept that you have made an informed decision, and that’s fine, and, as you know, I wish you well. My reason for pointing out that there is no credible evidence about LDN reducing progression was not to quibble with your decision - I have no wish to do that - it is because other people,. less well-versed than you now are in the pros and cons of conventional DMDs, are likely to be reading this stuff, and I don’t like such claims to go unchallenged. I am absolutely not sniping at you.



.Oh Alison i never thought u were having a go trust me! if anything think u were just being informative.

thanks hun x