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Hello everyone

I will try and write what I mean ... right here goes

A few days ago I posted about my sharp pain in my back and could it be ms related/relapse? GP said no and MS nurse said go to physio to rule out anything muscular.  OK with that but the pain is unbearable and I am on muscle relaxants and 2 painkillers one of which is codine which makes me feel high but the pain is there but i just dont care (if you know what i mean).  But the downside of the codine is i get sleepy can nod off just like that.  So cant cope with pain without it but cant function properly with it. 

My question is if its MS related how do you get quick repsonse on things to rule out other things and work to manage the symptom/relapse.  The earliset for physio is this fri (pain has been there for 3 weeks now).  So what experience have you regulars had with symptom management and getting somewhere?

I know its not a big thing but its getting me down slightly .... diagnosis takes ages does managing this get better with time. I suppose because Iam not medically aware whe I see the GP/MS nurse I dont know how to describe things and ask for things as i dont know what to ask for.

My back to me feels like a muscle spasam (takes my breath away) I dont remember doing anything to my back to make it feel like this !!!  Any help/advice would be of help.

The meeting with MS nurse was ok she told me about the DMD,s and sent me on with help packs and to ring whe ready to start the ball rolling on which one or none.

Thanks for reading



Hi Sue

For info on dmd's the best place to look is the ms decisions website. It has a short questionaire which will help to whittle down the choices. Make sure that you read up on each of them first before you decide which one and even whether to go for it and try one.

For managing symptoms and relapses: there are various meds available to help with any daily and ongoing symptoms that you may have so make a note of any that you may have and speak with your ms nurse at your next appt. Meds can make a world of difference.

There's also loads of info on thi site about managing symptoms and relapses and you can order publications from both here and the ms trust too which are worth looking at.

Hope that helps

Debbie xx

Hiya Suzie,


Sounds like it could be the 'MS Hug,' see

but see MS Nurse/GP to make sure nothing else.


Good luck.




Hi Sue x I agree with George that it could be the hug x I get the uncomfortable band like feeling round my torso most of the time now but the first couple of times It happened it was excruciating spasms round my chest and upper abdomen that would come in constant waves xx

If its not the hug you need to get your back checked out properly - I have suffered with lower back pain for years after an accident and i know a lot of people can’t take codeine based meds - I’m one - i tend to be good with voltarol and paracetamol - and oddly enough i can tolerate Oramorph (morphine) and I have that in reserve for when pain is really bad xxx

Hope you get somewhere soon x back pain sucks!!! Xxxxjenxxxxx