Well goodnight everyone!

I can’t put it off any longer, got to retire to my oven of a bedroom and try and sleep!

I’ve created a set up for the fan and the tub of ice, so slightly cooler air for me tonight, here’s hoping!

Rest as well as you can, sweet dreams to you all :smiley:


I hope it’s more comfortable than last night, for all of us!

I’m chronically sleep-deprived at the moment.



Bedroom temp 16c air conditioned


Show off, Graham :stuck_out_tongue:

You got one of those portable air con units? My friend in Manila has one of those, his boss gave it to him in the hope it would boost his productivity, lol. But I think he stopped using it after the first electricity bill…

My OH sponged me down, we sprinkled the bedsheets with water and had a fan on. I slept OK (not brilliantly). My poor OH couldn’t sleep for worrying about me …

I fell asleep at 1.1, though I don’t recall seeing either goal. Then my three year old woke the whole house up at 2.30 ! Ridiculously hot.

Sorry Jelly 16 degrees for me too. Got an air cond machine for the bedroom. Gert Lush!!!

Hope your ice lasted.


Shazzie I’m not sure that the ice in front of the fan had any effect to be honest. I did sleep ok though, turned the fan up to the second setting before I went to sleep.

Andy, I opened the loft hatch again on my way to bed, because sticking my hand up into the loft space at that point I could feel it was cooler up there, unlike during the day when it was like leaving the oven door open!

My biggest problem is because I live on the high street here. I have to close the bedroom up before sleeping, I can’t leave doors and windows open because of noise and light, so any cooling that’s been achieved during the evening halts once I go to bed. Stepping out into the hall this morning it was noticeably cool compared to the bedroom.

I wonder how much of that cool was front the loft hatch being open all night :slight_smile: So maybe I need to sleep on the floor in that narrow bit of hallway, with spiders peering down at me out of the loft xD

Maybe they’ll fetch and carry for you ?

Oh! :open_mouth: With all those “hands” each, that could be super useful!

ah, what a sweetie your OH is!


I keep the bedroom cool for my Border Collie she does not like too much heat.

My dog comes first


i have a portable air con unit best £250 i have ever spent, i put it on 3 times through night last night, i really dont think i could cope without was 29 degrees all thru the night in my bedroom last night.

J x

I had a nightmare!!! Storm & heat (even with cold air blower!!!) No sleep & a snoring hubby hope it’s respite tonight Tracey x

Make him sleep in the shed!

Tried that 1, he’s scared of the dark, bless!!! He could sleep with the dogs I suppose!!! Tracey x

You’d not let him have a battery powered night light? You’re a cruel woman! xD