Yay! Cooler Today! :-)

Hi, Yay! 20.9C in our lounge and 61% humidity. I can walk (of sorts) again. Yesterday, it was about 70% humidity and I ground to a halt. Couldn’t do anything and spent all day sat in my riser/recliner getting more and more uncomfortable. Sitting for long periods really hurts my bum, for some reason. Today, I’m a different person. Roll on autumn/winter! Heather

hi heather

i agree - that heat almost did for me.

its always too warm in my bedroom and today it was lovely to come downstairs to blissful cool.

i miss the sunshine though

carole x

Hi, I also welcomed the cooler weather.

My hubby is used to me feeling cold and when I commented on the lower temperature, he snapped;

¬Well Im not putting the central heating on till October! I snapped back, Im not asking you to. im only commenting!

Re your sore botty…I am having a riser/recliner made with a better pressure cushion.

I got one for my wheelie a few months ago and it is fab for longer sits. The seat in the new chair will have the same sort of cushion as my wheelie.

Can you ask for a seating assessment from an OT?

luv Pollx

I agree - yesterday was an real son of a … sorry pardon my French!!

I went shopping yesterday and my legs were so tired after an hour that a tortoise on crutches would have passed me by. But today is much better. I’d have that tortoise on the home straight!!