Warm and last! :)

How glad am I for the change in the weather from cold to warm? Very, let me tell you. The cold weather causes me pain, so now it is warmer, I hope to get a reprieve until it changes. I am off to the waterpark with the kids to soak it up. Have a hood day everyone! Xx

hi amanda

the cold makes my legs hurt! it never did until ms got me.

i have to be careful in hot weather too

oh well, lets just enjoy it while it lasts

carole x

I’m like you both - the cold makes my aches and pains worse.

I’ve been waiting for a bit of warmth and comfort all Spring - and it’s been a very long wait.

So far, I’m not too bad in heat - though sweating like anything, as usual, and it’s hardly HOT yet.

I’ve just been out for a walk to the bank - about 40 minutes round trip. Everything was clean on before I left the house; now it feels like the lot needs to go in the washing machine. I can’t keep putting stuff in the laundry after one hour’s wear - it’s ridiculous!



Tina, my washing machine is permanently on…it’s ridiculous. Sometimes I have to change two and three times per day. And today has sent my symptoms crazy including the uhthoffs. Xx