It’s cold!!! And I don’t like it

Hi all,

I’m going to have a moan about the cold weather and that no one gets the fact that I feel cold as pain and I just don’t like it arrgghhh!!

Is this just me?? Or do you lovely like minded folk feel the same about MS and the cold.

have a lovely warm day,

louise xx

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Well, I’m bundled up in my arm chair with blankets and pillows, cardigan and bed socks.

I’m not venturing anywhere today.


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I’m warm enough (I have been allowed the heating on all day so long as it’s not too high!) but my hands hurt more when they’re cold. And they are cold. I end up stuffing them in my armpits to warm them up.


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I’m glad I’m not the only one!! I’ve been chucking logs on the fire constantly for a week now (our only heating).

when I get cold I ache all over and find it best to get in to bed got the school run to do first though☹️Xx

I feel like my body’s thermostat is broken. I get very very cold easily & too hot very easily. Both cause me probs

My thermostat is broken too. Why I don’t know.

Circulation in my hands and feet has always been poor - but seems to be worse theses days - I suppose it’s

just another nasty symptom. Painful frozen hands and feet.

I’ve got fur booties on my Christmas wish list.

It`s gonna get colder from tonight.

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oh i love the cold it makes my symptoms better now worse, the heating kills me, so i try not to have it on much. I really hate the heat but just love the cold.

Me too it’s one extreme to another really quickly xx

I used to hate the heat and love the cold now I dread both ahh the joys of getting older xx

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days like today, bright and sunny although cold were the kind of days when i’d go for a brisk walk, soon warming up.

sadly i only manage a slow shuffle nowadays and only dream of walking briskly,

this cold makes my legs very painful.

maybe it’s a bit of arthritis due to my advanced years!

more likely the chuffin ms

and once summer arrives (if it ever does) i’ll be like a little wilting flower

yes, my thermostat is knacked too! prefer the cold to the heat/humidity.

Pain in the cold for me aswell, can’t even touch bare metal without som form of sharp pain. Got to wear gloves everywhere now.

Just seen the weather for the end of the week and it’s going to get colder!!

Think I feel hibernation coming on!! Xx

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I tend to “lock up”, especially my legs, far more in the cold than if I get to warm.