Hot, hot, hot


All I can say it’s a touch toasty inside and outside. Isn’t it?

Slightly sweaty Marty


Your not kidding. I’m already on my 2nd line of washing, it’s dry in no time. About time we had some sunshine to make us feel a little better. :blush::sun_with_face:

Too hot. Fan behind my mesh chair and 2 smaller fans on the desk and I’m sweating like mad. Had to make a video an contact the company that sold the chair this morning too. The mesh lost its structure so it barely gives any support now…think the heat melted it ;/

I’m with you Marty! Been a difficult month. I am not friends with the heat, however the humidity right now where I live has been horrible.
The blurred vision everyday makes me think I have double the work to achieve, and the cognitive fog causes me to not even know where to begin!! Hoping for moderate temperatures without humidity for us all. Keep cool everyone💙

Veeeeeeeeery Hot…

I’m in Spain… Jaja MS and heat in Spain it’s a bad mixture jeje

Hiya all

Well that was the record last night 27 degrees when going to bed at 11pm in the bedroom.

Felt like an oven and not much sleep when I got up. So I am now fully baked and ready to go again for yet another hot one today - unfortunately.


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