We'll give it a few days more

Sigh. 5 weeks today. Still with 3 tubes producing nano thimbles of watery stuff. Going home was mentioned this morning before the doctors wandered off on their little fluffy floaty clouds. Physio and OT have seen my transfers today. I am dreaming of the nice cold beer I left in the fridge and sitting in my chair.

Oh Steve. 5 weeks! Wow. I almost posted here yesterday, asking if you had any news. I really hope you get home soon and enjoy the beer x

Oh Steve you have my sympathy, hospital is not a nice place to be even for a short stay, but 5 weeks!

Hopefully that going home day is just around the corner…and that .cold beer, fingers crossed.

Hang in there Steve.

Pam x

Aww Steve it must be awful 5 weeks must feel like forever. I hope you get home again soon . Has Rose been to see you? I bet she misses making bread with you. You’ll soon be back on your adventures you are so inspiring , nothing stops you having adventures .

love Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Steve,

Good to hear from you. I hope you get home soon to that cosy warm beer and a cold chair.

Best wishes,


Ouch, five weeks, you must be going stir crazy.

Hope they let you out soon.

Sonia x