We'll give it a few days

That’s what the doctors say. Will these tubes ever be removed? My temperature has one or two degrees to spare if anyone wants them. Can I sell them on e Bay? The infection is lingering and has sent my blood count haywire. Best wishes.

Oh Steve. I really hope you kick the infection into Kingdom come. Do they even know where the infection stems from? I’d come and visit you in there if I could. Wearing a mask of course. You keep them on their toes there and get well soon x

Ooer. I don’t think I have a need for any extra degrees of temperature. Else I’d take ‘em off your hands like a shot.

What a bugger. Infections contracted in a so called sterile place like a hospital are always a bit worrying.

I’m sure you’re keeping your spirits up, and probably those of the rest of the ward (unless you’ve been segregated for the good of the other patients).

Get better soon our Steve.

Sue xx

Hi Steve These damn infections cand be pesky little blighters, but keep your chin up and hopefully a couple more days will do it. Take care and get well soon. Pam x

Hi Steve,

These days an increase in temperature is usually attributed to global warming. Try recycling more cardboard and stop using anything petrol-driven on the ward.

Best wishes,

Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery. I’d take the odd degree or two from you if my MS wasn’t so bloody fussy - the hands would love it but the feet would be outraged! Take care and hope you’ll be on the mend soon.

Sonia x

Sending lots of love and get well wishes. Michelle and Frazer xx

sending you lots of healing thoughts Steve.x

lots of positive thoughts being sent your way Steve

very, very best m’dear

Cath xx