Update on me

Dear All that replied,

Just to let you know. I went to see the Dr. She was surprised at how qickly I had gone dow hill.

(Firstly sottry about my typing, that is ho bad I am at the mo!)

I knew I had arthritis in my spine. She thinks it is now attacking all of my joints. Feel like i have flu, acvhing all over.

Snyway. A hospital stay is on the cards. Although she know my specialist has told her steroids will not help with my ms she wonders id they might help with the arthritis. So, a bed awaits me sometime in the near future.

I also have a raft of new drugs to take. I rattle now!

Anyone else hae arthritis too? Just another auto immune disease to ad to the list!

Once again, thank you for caring. You all really make a difference. I was very slow there but now feel I am slowly climing out of the dark, deep hole.

Anne x

ps will be in touch again soon when typing is easier for you all to read.


Anne I hope the bed becomes available soon. When you’re feeling as rough as you do at the moment you’ll try anything. Fingers crossed you get some relief. Coincidentally I saw my gp yesterday and my blood tests remain abnormal so he thinks I’ve either got inflammation in my stomach (my ulcers have been playing up) or I too have arthritis. It wouldn’t surprise me as my lower back and hands are very stiff and sore a lot of the time, thanks to my years of nursing.

I hope you get some relief from the medication they’ve started you on and things get easier for you. Please let us know how you get on. Take care.

Cath xx


Hi Anne

Let’s hope you get a bed quickly and that even if the steroids don’t help MS, hopefully it will help with arthritis, to make you feel better.

Let’s hope that the new meds do the trick also. Please let us know how you get on, take care.

Pam x


I hope the new meds help you


Hope the new meds help Anne.

Wishing you well,

Pat xx

Hi All. New mess seem to be kicking in well. Only a short course but may be they will be increased. Feeling a little better. No word on the hospital date yet Climbing well out of the hole that is depression. Thank you Anne


Glad to hear the new meds are ok. Fingers crossed you’re on the mend

Sonia x


Anne the best two tablets I have each day are my antidepressant’ s I really know if I miss them. Hope all goes well for you.