welcome Willow

Daughter has bought an 8 week old Jack Russell girl pup today.

She had intended asking the breeder to keep her until after their hol next month…

but as I guessed…guess who`s puppy sitting? I mentioned kennelling…no chance!


Jack Russells are mental. I have one called Patch, she is 6 now and a tiny bit calmer than she was, but not much lol. They are very feisty and like to be the boss. They are hard work, but so loyal and loving, they are totally worth it xxx

after seeing lots of cute pics of Willow and how tiny she is,hubby has named her Teacup!

she had a good first night in her new home.


Make sure she has had all her jabs - including parvo and kennel cough before she visits you and Sophie. A friend of my daughter has just lost her young dog to parvo. Cockerpoo - it had been vaccinated as a pup - but was overdue for a booster. Vets fees were astronomical as it had to be ‘hospitalised’ and on a drip for 2 weeks before the poor thing eventually died.

l expect Sophie has had anti-biotics after her op - this would also kill off the good bacteria in her gut. l give mine pro-pre biotics in their food - just in case. l take it as well. Or mix natural live yoghurt into her food.

Sure Sophie will like a playmate - will she be Auntie Sophie.

Thanks hun