A pic of Poll's beautiful and cute little Sophie

Aww, what a little darling


You clever lass, Noreen!


Poll & Sophie.


so glad you put this up noreen

i tried to friend poll on facebook but there were a lot of pauline bulls and i didnt know which was the right one.

your little pup is gorgeous poll!!

sophie you are a hero because you arrived when our poll needed you.

carole x

Apparently carole, there are 4 of me.

I am insulted!! all this time I was thinking I was unique


What a Cutie! They are definitely Woman’s best friend. Couldn’t be without my Max boy who is my fur baby Snuggles from him make everything better.

Snowqueen x

She’s beautiful! But there’s a twinkle in those eyes that says she can be a mischief too!!


Sarah x

Oh yeh…she is into everything and thinks all things are edible, or worth a lick at least!

She loves to sleep wrapped round my neck…her neck is so silky and soft…mine has a few folds to get lost in!

We love Soph to bits and would still have been a dreadful state if we hadnt got her.


Thanks Noreen.

Sophie is beautiful Poll. She looks a real bundle of fun and happiness.

Shazzie xxx

So Cute Poll.

Moyna xxx

Aww, she’s a little cutie, beautiful!

Rosina x

Awwww Poll - I’m a cat person myself, but Sophie looks gorgeous. If it wsn’t for my India (cat) I could almost be converted! Shhhhhh - our secret huh?


She is gorgeous Poll, here’s to many happy years with Sophie. Thanks #1

Seeing Polls’s cute little Sophie is tempting me to want another dog. I don’t know if I’m ready though.


You can look around at your leisure #1, now you’re thinking about it, the seed is there, I would get one if I didn’t work and live in a flat with no outside space. Will just have to keep playing auntie to my friends pug, so cute & naughty)

Awwww Poll she,s beautiful how lovley to be given bug hugs from something ssooooo cute


very cute and innocent looking Poll - don’t be fooled by those big beautiful eyes. She looks like a wee sweetie.

JBK xx

I wonder what cheeky Sophie is up to today?

Any funny updates Poll?


Last night she snuggled into my neck as usual. Wonderful!

Earlier in the evening, she was asleep on my bed and I was stroking her soft fur. Hubby came and I said how content we were. He took her for a wee. ,5 minutes later I realised I was still stroking the duvet!

Honestly, it is pure relaxation therapy. She loves to sleep on her back with her legs apart…i call her Slack Alice at those times!

Love her to bits.

She’s having her first proper clip next Monday. Someone is coming to us with a mobile grooming parlour.

Hubby is taking her to get chipped and asked me if we are keeping her!!!

As if! I told him he would have to kill me to take her from me! How very dare he, eh?


That’s a good story Poll, gave me a good chuckle. ‘Slack Alice’ lol love it.

Perhaps you could write short stories on the antics of cheeky Sophie.


Awwww Poll, she is absolutely adorable.

Linda x