3 sleeps to go

Yeah only 3 sleeps to go til we go get our Sophie. Her current owner rang us today, to check on our ETA. She tells me Sophie is feisty…coming to the right new owner then!

I asked what food she likes and was told scrambled egg on a bit of brown toast with grated cheese! Wouldn’t mind that me self!

Went to Pets at Home yesterday and bought stuff for her:

Harness and lead , collars are a no no for tiny necks

Brush and towel, dishes, toys, ear and eye wipes, and food. I did see a pink tutu and leather jacket with ‘Mummy’s little sweetheart’ on! But no, I draw the line at dressing a dog up which is already naturally beautiful.

Been watching everything with toy poodles on. Oh, I can’t wait,…sooooooo chuffin’ excited!


How sweet

I’m seeing my sister on Saturday, she said Arnie (her Chi) would be so happy to see me, as it’s been a while… I just hope he doesn’t stop breathing again as he does this kind of weird coughing thing when e sees me after some time, you have to hold him (vets instructions) and pat him quite hard! It work’s anyway but I wish I didn’t have quite such a massive impact

So, will we see pictures soon?

Arnie won all of us over, I didn’t even like ickle dogs! My Mum then got a chi too… and then another one

Sonia x

3 sleeps although i should imagine somebody will find it hard to sleep!

is your tummy tickling?

my boys used to say that if they were excited.

loads of exercise for you then, reaching down and tickling!

happy for you

carole x

I’m not jealous-I’m not jealous-I’m not jealous…

Excited for you Poll!

Not even one little jumper for the winter Lol


hiya poll

how exciting!

e x


So happy for you - a dear little pup to love. My ‘darlings’ grabbed hold of OH’s padded gilet - ghastly garment that looked awful. They played tug of war with it - all over the decking - all that white filling. l had only been gone an hour when this happened. And they had been out for a lovely run over the fields. l went out on my scooter - without them- so l think they decided to play up just to punish me for leaving them.

My new baby is a yearling donkey - Nelson. He is so cuddly - loves lots of scratching behind his ears. ln time - l hope we can train him to pull a little cart. Have taken the dogs up to see him through the fence - not tried them in together yet but will slowly introduce them.

Seen a lovely decorative bridle on Ebay. Hope l can get it. lt has woolly tassels and bells. Not a pink tutu!!

thank the lord spacejacket!

you can’t put a donkey called nelson in a pink tutu!

animals give so much joy to so many of us.

let’s hear it for the donkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits and others!

carole x

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Not surprised you’re excited Poll… I felt like that in November when we got another cat (after being without one for 18 months). Animals bring so much joy to our lives don’t they? India loves coming up on a lap for cuddles and when I’m sat back in the chair she’d climb up on my chest and snuggled into my neck… sooooooooooo sweet!

Enjoy your new friend Poll and I hope she soon settles down and gets you well trained! lol

H x

Wow, excited for you, hope Sophie brings you lots of happiness and love. She will quickly become a part of your family, I’m sure. Cherry x

I got me a little pomerainian last year after my dx while laying in my bed depressed!!! He is called buddy ( should have been named satan!!) and lives with two other Akitas which he now also thinks he is! I can’t go any where without him he is like my shadow. It’s not much fun when you go to the loo and he follows (crys if I leave him outside the door) and then jumps on my knee for a cuddle!!! And the. There is my fish called pig2 who is really poorly and is swimming upside down and I can’t fix her! Need to go coz buds just jumped up with his rope and wants a game of pull. Enjoy your puppy :slight_smile:

Hey! Only 1 more sleep…ohhhhhhhohhhhh.

Em3, how does a fish get christened pig2?

All you lovely animal lovers are just wonderful.

No, I`ll be too excited to sleep much tonight.

Friend and carer Bev, sleeping over tonight. She was with me last Saturday as we made the call to Sophies current owner. She is soooo excited too. She will get roped in daily, to help me with Soph. And shell do so happily. She even offered to do a free sleepover to help pay…no, I wont take it.

Only 2 people made negative comments about us getting another pet, as opposed to many well wishers, who know we are gonna be happy once again. Honestly the crying and heartache is still happening, for Lucy.

  1. next door neighbours…dont let it bark until we are up…obvious animal dislikers!

  2. same carer as her who made nasty comments when I said about going to Barcelona. She said well you knowit will outlive you, dont you? Why do I still employ this woman?

Daresay Ill be telling you all about Sophie, if shell let me on my laptop!

oodles of love, Pollyxx

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So pleased for you Poll. We got our little rescue dog when my husband retired last year.

We would not be without her and she is an absolute angel and has been from day one, we are so, so lucky to have her.

Have fun

Love Jaycie x

I thought you were getting little Sophie today Poll.

I was looking forward to hearing the story before I went on holiday.

Hey ho

Enjoy xx

I did ask if we could go get Sophie today, but the lady had other engagements.

If I go to bed now, will tomorrow come sooner? At least the hour push on will reduce the waiting time, eh?


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Oh no! I forgot we will be losing an hour.

Lovely for you though Poll


good timing that.

or did you arrange for the clocks to go forward specially?

get ready for thousands of cuddles

carole x

Pig2 is called so cos she is a greedy pig! I used to have pig1 but he passed last year from the same thing swimming upside down! It’s really called swim bladder and I’ve tried to correct it but with no such luck so for now she is upside down! And do the clocks really go forward tonight? :frowning:

Oh Poll

Our home was not the same without a doggy friend. Someone to talk to and cuddle up with. Mind you, Charlie is taller than me when he stands on his back feet to give me a hug.

I can’t wait to hear all about little Sophie.

I’m really pleased for you.

Shazzie xx

Have just had a look on Google images. I want one! Sooooooooo cute! Enjoy.

The new dog doesn’t replace the old, she will trigger wonderful memories for you.

Please sack that carer. She missing a vital part of the role - the CARE.

Have fun with your new addition.

a message to sophie

now i hope you love your new home and the lovely lady who is your new mummy.

but you have to be a good girl and allow her some computer time because all her friends out here want to hear about you.

take care little sophie

carole xx

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