mission accomplished....oh joy and peace are restored

She’s here! Our beautiful and oh so gorgeous Sophie Solitaire!

I am using my tablet, as there isn’t room on my knee for Sophie and my laptop.

She’s just having an after lunch nap.

When we arrived at her breeders yesterday and she was brought to us, the first thing I said was, ‘She doesn’t look like Lucy!’ Her snout is broader and her eyes are differently shaped. I’m glad about that. They are different dogs after all.

As I had cuddled her all the 2.5 hours home, she tried to sleep, but the bumps and noise of the M62, M56 and M6 kept waking her up and startling her. I tried to assure her that life wasn’t going to be like that forever and it would be much better once we were home. Think she believed me!

So, once home, she trembled a bit. I introduced her to Lucy and Poochi in their resting place. I showed her round her new, furever home. Then let her explore. Hubby gave her some doggy bix and chicken… She ate some. I had to give her water off my fingers, as she wouldn’t drink it from her new pink polka dot bowl.

Then it was bedtime, where she licked me like mad and snuggled into my neck and slept…till 6am, when it was wake mummy up time with another face wash and a ‘tickle my belly’ request!

Bev, my carer, came at 9 and Sophie and I hid under the duvet, for her to find. Bev squealed with delight and fell in love with her. She said my face was different and the house was different…

Calm and so very happy with our new little girl!

Isn’t life great.?

Excuse me please, I have to close. I am being shown a soft pink belly which just has to be tickled,…it’s Sophie’s, not Hubby’s!!!

Much love from a very contented Polly. Xxx


Could do with a tummy tickle myself , hope you have lots of fun with your new puppy and i am sure she will be spoiled rotten but bring you lots of joy. Katy.

Really pleased that you are all home safe with your new little girl

Jaycie x

That’s nice, dogs are great. Don’t know what I would do without my Patch xxx

Lovely post Poll - sounds as if it’s a perfect match – although not sure I’d have gone as far as to ‘introduce’ her to Lucie and Poochie…

What puts me off getting a dog is the possibility that they it not take to me. I know this is a tad irrational but ‘my’ dog may exercise its perogative not to become attached to me.

as my ‘name’ suggests, i have cats, but i love dogs too, a home is just so much more homely with our little beasties in them . i’m really happy for you all being together.

wendy xx

Thank you everyone. I am soooooooo chuffin happy!

.krakowan…if you want and love a dog, there is no reason why a dog won’t love you back!


Lovely post Poll

Thank you so much


Oh Poll, I am sooo pleased for you, a lovely little bundle to love and care for, Lucy would be pleased for you as well.

Give little Sophie a cuddle from me, and enjoy.

Pam x

well poll

you went and gone and done it!!

congratulations to you all

4 loved up hearts for you, your hubby, sophie and bev

carole xx

Aw Poll, hope you have many enjoyable hours playing and loving Sophie (your little silver lining) Cherry xx

Oh Poll - so glad to hear you got Sophie at home with you … and cuddling up in bed! AWWWWwwww :slight_smile:

H x

Cats will act like this, they can share your home but not your heart in they so choose but I’ve had lots of dogs in my 60 years and they give back in spades whatever you give them. Treat them right and they WILL love you. ( I’ve had some wonderful cats too but a couple who remained aloof no matter what I did)

Oh Poll. I am really really pleased for you all. Little Sophie sounds beautiful. I wish we could see a picture of her. Could you put her on your avatar? My Charlie is my avatar.

Charlie sleeps in his bed on the floor next to me. He snuggles up in bed with me, especially when I feel poorly. Trouble is he takes up most of the bed. Lol!!

You’ve got your happy home back.


Sorry I dunno how to change my avatar. If anyone is on Facebook, you can ‘friend’ me and see a lovely piccy of Sophie my daughter put on.


Just realised summat…about if anyone wants to ‘friend’ me on Feb to see Sophie…my name is Pauline Bull…gotta go, Sophie is nibling my fingers!


Lovely news Poll, Love to Sophie. Have you a cat flap. l have always found this the best way to house train a pup. Even my rottie pups started off at 6 weeks going in and out of the cat flap - until they got too big and broke it!!! But your little poodle would easily get through one. My Lhasa Apso - used it - for 17yrs!

what lovely news… so happy for you. my in laws lost eddie, the welsh terrier but now have connie, the minature schnowser (sp?) puppy who they adore…

animals maketh the home, don’t they? x

Hi all. Sophie had us up at 6.30 this morning. She sleeps on my bed and can’t jump down yet, so has to be lifted. Then she wees on the puppy pad. Then it was play time!

Frances, won’t be fitting a catflap for her, as our front garden is on a public road. So hubby goes out with her. Don’t want t her stolen!


PS. We know we did the right thing in getting her…she has healed our pain! X