special outing

Good afternoon all. Innit a lovely day…chilly, but so sunny and makes us feel spring aint that far away!

We, next Wednesday (25th March) celebrate our 43rd wedding anninversary. Quite a feat eh, considering!

We are taking a trip…to…

pick up our new baby toy poodle, Sophie!

Yeh, I know I vowed never to get another pet…but…

I have this aching, gaping, painful hole inside…hubby has too…they call this…

empty nest syndrome

Nice wedding anniversary pressie, eh?

So excited…

Little Lucy has a beautiful resting place in our garden. I talk to her everyday.and still cry…

luv Pollxx

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Poll - that sounds lovely. It is amazing how much of a hole they leave when they are gone. But put up a picture if you can - or as your avatar so we can all say Awwwwww.

take care

JBK xx

so happy for you and your hubby,

lucy is happy for you too!

lots of cuddling to do now so you’d better be off.

awwwww youve done right Poll,

this new puppy will bring you so much love.

J x

Aww, thats lovely. I hope little Sophie brings you lots of happiness and joy. Cherry xx

Oh Poll. That is so sweet.

I lasted about 3 weeks. I too vowed that I could never get another dog after Mika passed at the age of 4 but like you say the emptiness is awful. Noone there to greet you when you come through the front door. Charlie is not a replacement for Mika. He has a completely different character. She was a right lady and Charlie is much more boisterous and built like a tank.

Can’t wait to hear about little Sophie.

​And what a lovely 43rd anniversary prezzie for you and Mr Poll.

Congratulations to you and Mr Poll.

Shazzie xx

Ah thanks guys.what a lovely supportive bunch of pals you are.

dunno how to do avatars

we dont go get Sophie till next Sunday, but I will describe her to you…babby poodles are just so…oh…you know!


That is lovely news Poll - l am surprised you waited so long! What colour is the new baby girl. My cousin took on a rescue poodle/yorkie cross last year. She is black - and looks just like a miniature poodle. Her name is Beryl. And she is a bit of a Peril.

haha…Beryl the Peril! Our Sophie is white…will probably look very similar to Lucy.but with a different temperament…you know that all doggies have different characteristics, dont you?

You have been very brave to take on new fellas when you`ve broken your heart over lost ones, eh?


Lovely news poll, so exciting for you and your husband.

Sophie is going to be one lucky little poodle to have you for her new mummy.


Poll, lt is always a bit of a shock with a new puppy and all that entails. When you have had a elderly dog - and Lucie did live a long happy life, you forget how much work and time a young pup needs. But it is so enjoyable - and they are not pups for too long. My friends who recently took on the rescue Pugx - love him to bits - but he is a little devil - for of mischief. lt is keeping them on their toes - and has them going for long runs everyday. Which is good for them as well as the little dog.

l have two rescue donkeys. They came on Saturday. The mum is Lily - and was so malnourished she collapsed after having the foal - Nelson - he is now a year old and has been gelded. We have them in separate paddocks to wean him away from mum. Teddy - our old pony is going to join Nelson - for company. Ted is in the next paddock getting to know Nelson over the fence.

There are several folk in the village who are donkey fans - and they will come and get involved. Just got to make sure that they don’t spoil them with titbits. As donkeys, and ponies can get nippy if they expect everyone to feed them.

Hopefully, in time, we can school him into pulling a little cart. No doubt, he will be required to attend the next nativity!!

That is brilliant Poll, I am very pleased for you.

We have had our little rescue dog Zoey (my avatar) for just over a year now and she has been an absolute angel. I cannot imagine life without her.

Jaycie x

Your precious little girl is gorgeous! X


Frances, the feats you describe never cease to amaze me. I reckon you are more of a Boudicca than I am! Xx