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Has anyone had their health assessment cancelled two days before due to attend. Had letter saying they had received more information so no longer need to attend. I arranged for my daughter to take a day off work as I could not attend the swansea one as they do not have wheelchair access so had to travel to Bridgend. I have never posted on here before as I am a coward when it comes to anything technical.

Hi Poodle lover it is possible they sent your appointment out before they got all the replies from your doctors, I know it isn’t the same but I had to wait for 7 months to get my pension sorted because consultant was very slow replying with medical information. Lets hope you get the correct desision Sue

Hello…dont be a coward…your post made it here, so you must be cleverer than you thought eh?

I reckon I am a dinosaur, i m 60`s, and useless with IT. But I manage a bit.

Now then, your username drew me to you…poodle over, as I am also a huuuuge poodle lover.

We have our Sophie now. She`s an 8 month old, white, toy poodle. She is a darling.

Last March we lost our most beloved Lucy…almost 16 years old she was. Sadly we had to help her on her way, as she was really ill. It broke me in two. and I vowed no more doggies for us. Lucy was our 6th poodle.

But Sophie cae to live with us, as we have never been without a poodle and our hearts and home were empty.

Welcome to the forum darlin.

luv Polly and Sophiexxx