give me strength!

Oh guys…my poor brain is aching…I would weep if I had the energy, but I dont.

I am beaten…I know you all think that is an improssible thing for Boudica to admit…the strong woman with flaming red hair…thrashing the romans all those eons ago…but I am brain weary!

I have spent most of the morning battling with the NHS.

Firstly I rang the secretary of the new neuro at Halifax…the one who struck me off his list by letter, saying I had missed an appointment. Secreatary is off until tomorrow…just an ansaphone.

Next I rang the secretary of the neuro I saw last Oct…she says she cant help…I must speak to the former one.

I have letters with 4 appointments, so is it any wonder I`ve got muddled when they keep changing the dates, not me.

I rang appointments and said what an upsetting weekend Id had with this carry on. She said i had missed an Tina (Anitra) was right afterall, when she said the Oct 2012 appointment could have been right. But I didnt notice the year on that letter. I had an appointment for Oct 2013, so I never thought Id get seen again, so soon after the Oct one. Plus we had discussed him seeing me again, with a routine follow up in a year`s time…the norm. Why on earth would he want to see me a me a month later? Surprisingly, I found another appointment letter for Nov 2013. I had forgotten that one. I rang appointments again and was told my Nov 2013 appointment has been cancelled.

Apologies to anyone who is as muddled as I am with all this faff!

I need to lie down in a darkened room.

Just to top it all off, I wet the bed again this morning.

Oh I`ve also rung urology as I havent had my letter about the pre-op assessment or the op itself on 4th July. That secretary said she would chase it up again and call me back.

You dont think they have decided to black list me as well do you, after neurology has?

Fed up and properly pig chuffin` sick


Oh Poll,

I don’t know what to say. I’ve read so many of your posts and you always seem to manage to sound so upbeat no matter how bad things get, and I know from reading your posts that you have had it tough for many years, so for you to say you are beaten must mean you are feeling low.

I wish I had an answer for you or could wave a magic wand (wish I could do that for all of us actually).

Just wanted to say hi, keep fighting and thanks for all the inspiration you offer to us newbies.

Take care.

Oh Poll. Sending ((((((BIG HUGS)))))). Hope the secretary calls you back soon. Keep strong and keep fighting

Sharon xx

Aw thanks hun. Very kind of you to say those things. I will bounce back…that`s what I do.

I am thinking what is the chuffin point of going to neuro appointments anyway, they can do chuff all for me, they dont even know whats wrong with me, but I feel I need to stay on their lists for the sake of my benefits.


Thinking you big hugs because I think you need them! (((Hug))) (((hug))) Sara xx

Sendin yo a hug :slight_smile: You are cecertainly going through it with appointments. Let’s hop it all gets sorted qquickly for you

Oh Poll, I’m so sorry you’re going through this and all the stress it entails.

Have you tried contacting PALS (patient liaison)? They may be able to help you sort it out or maybe your GP would be willing to step in to help?

I hope you get it sorted soon hun but please, deep breaths, and sending you my bestest huggles.

Mags xx

Hi Pat, thanks for your reply hun.

You must`ve missed some of my posts, as I dont have MS. I was mis-diagnosed with it for years, before finally being told last Oct, that I definitely do not have MS.

My diagnosis is spastic paraparesis/cause unknown.

It is very similar to PPMS, but none of my many tests have ever proved MS.

There is no cure, no treatment, except for the symptoms. It could turn out to be genetic. If so, there is a 50% chance my kids and grand kids could develop it. I was 45 when it began and I am 60 now.

luv Pollx

Thanks everyone for your kind replies.

Worse things happened yesterday.

I`ve posted a new one all about it.


Hugs x