So annoyed!!!

Have today had a letter re my neuro app next tuesday.. been cancelled.. so p*ssed off about it.. its actually the third app that has been cancelled since all this started over three months ago. 

My fiance had booked a week off next week and wont be able to change it to another date, so thats me screwed for getting there with support too!

Have phoned my GP who said she is on the case and hopes to get it changed to an earlier date but no doubt it wont be next week :(

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is happening the NHS

Paula xx

Hi Paula

That's so bad - especially as it's the third time it's happened.

I agree the NHS isn't what it used to be. Last Oct I had a flare-up which took me to A&E & they said I should contact my Neuro as I needed to be seen by him earlier - his answer was 'No'!

I do hope your GP can get things moving for you - I so understand your frustration.

Let us know what happens.

Bren x

Hi Bren.

After being on the phone for over 21/2 hours today (and my GP for an hour) I finally got told that I was going to keep the original appointment for next week! Apparently some coordinator person had moved mine to fit someone else in.. well obviously my GP told them to move it back! Its actually the fourth appointment in three months that has been changed at the 'last' minute (well within a week or less to my app).  I really hope the neuro I see is lovely and helpful and supportive :D next week is my first app with her. So annoying and additional stress that I really dont need at the moment xx

Hi Paula

So pleased you & your GP worked their magic & you can keep next week's appointment. It just shows that we have to 'make a fuss' these days to get heard.

Yes, I so hope your Neuro is a great one and really listens to you. Great that your partner can now take you too.

Take care & keep us updated on what happens.

Bren x

Im pleased you still have the appointment :) and got everything sorted

Sam x

Im pleased you still have the appointment :) and got everything sorted

Sam x

aww that’s ace news…it’s appalling that your appt had been bumped again…more tha once …glad your gp and yourself got assertive…am afraid you have to jump up and down allot and shout very loud these days…it’s not right but it gets resu,ts…good luck with your appt . let us know how you get on.x

Thanks everyone :) Have prepared my speech already, and will have a notebook and pen with me (if I remember :s), and will hand him a list of my most troublesome symptoms and previous medical incidences which may/may not be relevant :) am super organised today :D xx

Sounds like your super prepared. I always make sure I write the answers to my questions down at the appointment e ven if it slows things down. Some people have previously advised dont give them your list as they may just briefly glance at it and file it away. When you really need to go through it properly with them. Also ask for a copy of the letter your neuro sends to your GP… Really hope it goes well for you
Min xx

Glad it worked out. Shame you had to work so hard for it though.



Good luck. I really hope it goes well for you after all the problems you've had with appointments. Fingers crossed for you.



Thank you everyone.. your support is amazing and I am so pleased I found this site.

I was thinking that maybe I wouldnt take the beta blocker next week when I see the neuro, as then he will see how I really am.. any thoughts on this?

P x

Hope your appointment goes well and you get some answers. Sorry I can’t help with the beta blockers I don’t take them xx