Hell, this is quick!

On Monday last week I completed and posted my PIP claim form. On Friday, I got the acknowledgement of receipt.

Today I got a letter instructing me to attend an assessment, fortunately for me only about three miles away on 24th July.

I thought it would take weeks, is this a good or a bad omen I wonder?

Wow that is quick.

At least you don’t have long to wait.

Hope it all goes well for you.

I’m a little cautious when the DWP do ANYTHING fast. Speed might give them the opportunity they need for a balls up! Hopefully they’ll have also written to your GP simultaneously. You could check with your GP next week that they’ve got the relevant assessment questionnaire. In fact what you could do is take a single sheet of notes to an appointment with the GP giving them the important parts that you’ve put on your form and which you need them to back up. I suggest a single sheet because GPs are too busy to read pages of stuff, but one page of bullet points makes their job a bit easier.

Then when you go to the assessment you can check that the right info has all been received by the DWP. It’s much easier (and less stressful for you) to force the DWP to make the decision right the first time rather than have them do it with only half the info and then have to reconsider the decision etc. later.

Sorry I’m so negative with regard to the DWP. There’s just too many stories out there of people just like us who’ve had to jump through flaming hoops of fire to get the benefits we’re entitled to!

Good luck.


Thanks for the advice.

What worries me is if the “right decision” is that it’s not granted.

I’ve been on the highest rate of DLA for mobility and middle rate for help with personal care for some time and I’ve deteriorated quite a bit since it was granted.

I know the welfare bill has to be slashed, but

I’m not a fraud MS is real, as is its massive impact on my life, and I’m continuing to deteriorate.

I’ve been on DLA high rate mobility and low rate care since 2003.

I have more care needs now and decided to apply for PIP, although was a wee bit worried about it.

Sent the form off for 14th June 2015, was acknowledged via text within days and within another week or so I received an appointment for my assessment on 24th June.

My appointment was to be in Edinburgh and I live in Glasgow.

I called ATOS and explained I was worried my bladder wouldn’t hold out for the journey (about 50 miles) and asked if I could change to Glasgow. Girl I spoke with was very nice and rearranged appointment to Glasgow for 8th July.

I was seen by a nurse who works for SALUS and she advised me they’re an NHS company and sub contracted by ATOS.

The nurse was very nice.

The assessment took about an hour, the nurse asked questions about how my disability affected me and typed the answers into the computer. She then did a couple of simple tests re my grip my strength - how far I could push her hand away.

The nurse advised me I should hear within 4-6 weeks.

The only thing I regretted was not taking notes to prompt me as there was a couple of things I forgot!

The nurse advised it would’ve been fine to do that. Just to have wait for the decision now…trying not to think about it too much.

Anne Marie

Good luck Anne Marie. Let me know the result. xx

Will do, good luck for the 24th xx

Wow yeh! That is chuffin` quick!

Cant wait to hear what the result will be.

Keeping everything crossed for you…including my eyes!


I had my assessment last week, which was only about 2 and a half week after sending my claim in. Of course how long it takes for me to get the verdict remains to be seen, lol. As I’m absolutely not expecting to qualify for any help I’m not going to be pacing the floor waiting though.

Positive thoughts for your result, Flower! The best of luck to you :smiley:

Thank you. Let me know your result. You can all be sure I’ll let you know mine. Thanks for crossed fingers, but I think you’d better uncross those eyes Poll LOL! xx

Hello all. It’s a lovely sunny morning here in Lancashire. Hope you are all feeling good and coping well with what life throws at you.


Yesterday I had a letter from the DWP, I hardly dare open it, but my fears were unfounded. I’ve been granted PIP from 2nd September 2015 to 23rd July 2018.

i don’t know why not until next month, DLA was granted from the date of application, indefinitely, and I’ve got to go through the same process again in three years, but the important thing is I GOT IT, and it’s more than I was getting before so I can stop worrying.

For anyone who wants to know I sent the form on 6th July, had my assessment on 24th July and got the letter yesterday. About five weeks, and just over two weeks between assessment and decision.

I’m so pleased.

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Hoorah. I’m really pleased for you. All that worrying and fretting, finished now for at least three years. I’m dreading the change from DLA to PIP already and it’ll be at least October before I have to do it!


Fantastic news! I`m thrilled for you hun!


That’s brilliant news.

Makes a change to hear good stories about the DWP. I think they get a rough ride to be honest. They are only doing their job which was massive, moving from DLA to PIP. I bet a few of the workers ended up on long term sick. I have nothing but admiration for them.

I have nothing bad to say about DWP. My experience when i applied for DLA at the start of my journey was brilliant. They were all very caring and the doctor fantastic. I know i have to change from DLA to PIP, will I get it I dont know, i am not looking forward to the paperwork, but its a process i have to go through.

Anyway its good to read good stuff for a change.