A really quick question, how many others are sat here waiting to get that dreaded brown envelope from the DWP?

When was the final date for getting these all done? I had in my head September 2017, was I wrong?



Had mine last Oct-Nov Surrey area.

Timetable is here:

Are you prepared with social care evidence etc.,?

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Yes I think I am, I have preped my GP and MS nurse, I have all my answers ready etc I am just sat here waiting, and I just want to get it over and done with, the worry of maybe having to give the car back is just an very uneasy feeling!

  • GP Letter
  • Care plan
  • Statements from carers
  • Neuro letters
  • Any home adaptation letters


Have you typed out your answers onto google docs?

Good to keep copies.

Mine was 4,300 words - total.

How many words is yours?

Oh Charlie, it’s truly horrible waiting for the forms. Mine took from 22nd December when I received the initial letter to 10th March when I had the letter giving me the award. Really fairly speedy, but that was partly because I wasn’t required to attend an assessment. The decision was made on the papers.

But, I had spent at least 2 years dreading the change, preparing myself for it, collecting evidence, keeping records and generally worrying about it. There was a bit of me that so wanted it out of the way, I was almost ready to make the change before they ‘invited’ me to. But obviously that’s a silly thing to do. (Unless you’re not already getting maximum DLA that is and you think you’ll get more PIP!)

So, I’m sure it will happen this year. And so long as you’re prepared for it, have all the necessary evidence to support your claim and either have a thorough understanding of the rules and are very good at completing claim forms, or have help with it lined up, then you should be fine.



thanks for the replies,I don’t think my words will be many as 4300! Wow!

same as you Charlie…awaiting the brown envelope…not as eager to get it though!


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Just had a look at the info re deadlines…my area HX with indefintie DLA award has moved to later timeline.

Looks like september this year is the final deadline now…unless it moves again due to backlogs. That`s fine with me!


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Just had my dreaded assessment, omg the stress was horrendous. The girl was very nice, although I am wondering if they are all smiling assassins in disguise!!! She didn’t ask many questions though, just typed away. I must admit I had taken zapain tablets, horrible arthritis pain in my shoulders, I must look away with the fairies, I feel like I am. Anyway so glad it’s over, will look into the reconsideration process tomorrow, fore armed & all that. I did ask her how long I might wait to hear, she said 4 to 8 weeks, asked what level of DLA I was on & said well hopefully you will get the same. Not reading too much into it though, no point!!! Good luck to everyone waiting xxxxx

Hi Tracey

I’m glad you survived it. Must have been horribly stressful.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that it’s all OK and your studying of the reconsideration process is wasted.

Sue x

Awww thanks Sue, bit of a bugger it has to happen but hopefully it will be ok. Anyway I’m not dying so what happens happens, bloody stressful though, my speech was appaulling, not potty mouth, but I couldn’t understand what I was saying, let alone her!!! I’ve survived just glad this bits over, onto the next now, if it comes to it!! xx

I am a bit perturbed by your answer Anon, whilst I know that there are some people that ‘swing the lead’ I know that there is a lot of horror stories out there of some peoples experiences. Living with this infernal disease is bloody hard. We lose all dignity, functions & who we are. Some of the problems are so hard to speak of. I was to start a fantastic job, I had gone to uni for 4 years to study for, wiped out. Had so many hopes, gone, smashed by 2 little words MS. Please don’t take our rantings personal, but believe me, if I could do the job I trained so hard for, I’d be straight there.

Well done Tracey, at least that’s over with … you must be worn out now so try to take it easy over the weekend - get the aussie boys on at full vol … maybe not quite ‘full’! - and, not quite sure how may aussies left in the band!

MS is always tragic, but to have your dreams stolen just as they were beginning to happen for you is preposterous. Chris x

Thanks Chris! I am a bit worried about Anon, I might be being a bit melodramatic, but I feel like we are being sussed out, like someone is spying on the forum? I think Anon it would ease apprehension if you could post without being anonymous? (mine anyway), you are probably sincere, but unfortunately, if you are implying you are an assessor, it will cause uneasiness in the forum no doubt. I am probably being more sensitive than usual, very trying day & I know there are many more of us on here in fear of what will occur in the future, health wise & the ominous PIP assessments. I am really hoping I am over thinking things, but right now I am uncomfortable.

good luck chuck!

I`m dreading it too.


we do over think, I know I do!

If anon is a regular member here and not a dwp spy, then they may answer my comment on their reply.


The problem is that if the anon poster does in fact work for DWP, or one of the companies responsible for assessments, then they can’t very well come out and say so. However, a comment like, “we’re not really that bad”, is a bit pointless. And is guaranteed to make people feel uncomfortable.

The fact is that many people do jobs where they might be viewed as doing an unpleasant job and for that reason may be universally reviled. For example, I should think some traffic wardens are nice people, but they do a job which makes them seem exceptionally unsympathetic. Equally DWP and HMRC fraud investigators are not all horrible people, but they do a job that some of them seem to relish. And so all become tarred with the same brush.

So, those of you who use this site who do work for the DWP or a company contracted by the DWP, if you can offer any useful information, or advice, then please do so. But saying that some of you are personally quite nice people, is really a bit irrelevant. Those of us who have gone through or are going through the process of claiming PIP honestly don’t give a *|%}’ whether you are ‘nice’. We just want our assessments to be done accurately and fairly.



Very well put Sue, I don’t think we are being unreasonable in having reservations, my dentist is absolutely a lovely man, but doesn’t mean I like the treatments he doles out!!! xx

Hi everyone

I think if there are DWP workers on here it should work both ways. I’ve only been on here a few weeks and believe that for most members, it’s the first chance they’ve had to actually tell it like it is. Even with your GP, they often seem pushed for time, and so you often miss out key points you wanted to bring up. So, if you are with the DWP, you should acknowledge when someone is actually in a worse position than is apparent in their interviews. Saying that, surely from a legal standpoint you shouldn’t really be on here - anonymously at least! Chris,

oh dear, were getting a bit tense with anons reply. me included.

shall we let it go?

I hate it when we get upset.

Chuff knows we dont need anymore than we already have.