PIP form posted .. now the wait begins

So the dreaded PIP form has been posted and received by the DWP and now the waiting game begins. I have supplied evidence and written enough to probably class my application as a novel all with support of the CAB. I fully expect to loose the mobility element courtesy of the ridiculous 20m rule and subsequently my Motability car but if that happens we will deal with that another day.

The big question is how long are these applications taking to turn around ? Strangely the DWP don’t want to answer that question. I have seen assessments 2 wks after the form received and others 10-12 weeks. Is this a postcode lottery or is it pure luck / bad luck how quickly you are dealt with.

Any advice greatly received



Hi Sal, I had my assessment 12th October which was nearly 6 weeks after they received the forms, just waiting for the decision letter now. Waiting times differ so much and I find the waiting is the hardest, so stressful. Jo

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Hi Jo,

Thanks! Hmm it certainly is stressful waiting for that text or letter to arrive. Did you get a choice of appointments or just a take it or leave it kind of option ? I’m wondering how this system works with so many PIp claimants in employment and not able to drop everything at the whim of the DWP.

So many questions…


No idea of waiting time sorry but Jo, you can phone and get a copy of the FTF assessment posted to you.

Will give you the point score and therefore the award.

Fingers crossed for you Sal.


Hi, Was a letter with the date & time, think you can rearrange it but only once. This system really doesn’t work. Hope you get news soon. Jo

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Hi again, I got a copy of the report and I think it works out a standard for both?? Don’t agree with a lot of it so just have to wait and see. Jo

8 points each section for standard, 12 for enhanced. Ollie

Thanks all, I thought the hard bit was wading through the form but it seems that is only the start of it and it’s a going to be a long old journey