Pip assessment done! Hooray

just finished having my pip assessment. The woman was really nice and said I should be awarded enhanced for both and if not to appeal it. She also said she’d recommend I’m not reassessed for it. Fingers crossed. Now the waiting to find out. Anyone know how long that is?

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Brilliant news Loola. Not sure how long the decision takes, it’ll depend on workloads of the DWP decision makers. It does sound like you had one of the ‘good’ assessors. Hopefully it won’t take long. Sue

In answer to your question, it’s about 6 weeks so I have been told.

Thanks. I will let you know the outcome

Mine took 5 weeks

I don’t want to say how long the process took! I got my result on Tuesday success what a relief, they didn’t even want to see me. Worry is a strange thing you don’t know how much you are worrying until the weight/wait has gone! Take care be safe x

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Didn’t you have an assessment? I hope i don’t have to.

My assessor was fab i had to go and see mine. He too said i should not have any issues with a full award for both. I heard within 3 weeks. good luck, PIP isnt all that bad it was but i think they have had to up their game. xxx

Good news! But it’s surprising how anxious we can get with these assessments - just had my driving licence renewed for 3 years and was really worried about it.

Hi, does anybody know the criteria for being giving PIP? I can get about by myself, dress and cook etc but it is a bit difficult. I’m not sure if I would qualify for any help?

Take the free test on or

Then you could find out the basic rules, entitlement criteria and what you may get. If you decide to make a claim, see if you can get some help from the CAB, or you could join Benefits and Work - they have excellent resources available to members only.


Took me about 5 weeks before i got assessment feedback. Goodluck xxx glad you had a nice lady , xxx


i got enhanced for both and for reassessment in 10 years because obviously I might have fully recovered by then!!

just love how they now take forever to pay you. Like 2 months! But glad it’s all over and the outcome was positive

Brilliant news.

Ten years is the maximum, but they are likely to give you a ‘light touch’ review at the end of that period. So it could be as simple as a tick box form, ‘have you improved X, Y or Z?’. That’s what I’m hoping anyway (same result for me!)

It’s horrible the way you worry and worry about the form, the evidence, the assessment, the result!