Feeling really happy with our new puppy

Thought some of you might like to hear some good news. Just over a week ago we were offered a seven month old website.

my youngest sons karting team is called Luna, and my real interest is the WW1 and WW2. Her name is Luna and was born on the 11.11.14, so we just had to have her! Has been with us for 10 days now and you would think she has been here all the time. She has just popped off to the pub with my husband which suits us as I’m not that good this time of day. Have been out walking every day with her, so doing me good as well. Both the boys absolutely love her.

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Don’t you just love auto-correct? I assume your new addition is a Westie

cograts she sounds lovely.


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There is nothing better than fur therapy. My life is centred around my own dogs and my dog boarding business.

Since I got home from hospital after my diagnosis a couple of weeks ago, my little springer spaniel has barely left my side. Even my cats who are generally out hunting are with me most of the time.

Animals just know when you need them

Hope you have lots of fun and love with Luna

Janet x

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Auto-correct’s great for a laugh, isn’t it! It’s testing that we can still think!

Congrats on the new pup! Do share some pics with us if you get a chance :slight_smile:

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can you put photos in here? i would love to share my bitch with you all :smiley:

i think you should be able to, Paolo, when I’ve pasted images it’s worked, or at least I can see them…there doesn’t seem to be a way to use image codes, like BBcode, or html, but right clicking on the image and selecting copy image then hitting ctrl + v has worked for me.

Can you see this image? A picture my friend Yan drew which sums things up pretty well, I believe!

I have a 7 year old springer spaniel who is full of life, love and cuddles. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with RRMS, he has listened to me winge, whine, cry, stamp my feet, scream & shout (not at him though). Once Ive got rid of all my frustration, he looks at me as if to say you finished now then comes for a cuddle. We then go up the field and its as if I have not got a care in the world. He keeps me mobile and stops me feeling sorry for myself.


My daughter turned up on Sunday evening = with a young - very stressed out Staffie bitch - lts owner had just been discovered having hung himself. The police had asked people who knew him if they would take it and find a home. This poor dog was a rescue from a ‘nasty piece of work’- who was breeding them for ‘bait’ for dog fighting. She had been kept in a small cage with many others. She was taken in by this unfortunate chap who had a history of mental illness. The dog seemed to have changed him - so it was a shock when on Saturday night he had decided to end it all. l took her out for a very long run over the fields on my Tramper. Everytime l stopped she would jump on my lap and cling to me. Whilst l was out with her - my daughter and her friends had found someone who was actually planning to get a Staffie. So success - we took her round to this lady - and hopefully she will settle. This lady has a partner who works nights - so there would be someone with the dog all the time.

Fingers crossed - it will all work out for the best.

The dog trotted along beside my scooter - quite happily and not pulling. We saw a cat - and she did not react - and then we met another dog - and she was very relaxed and did not show any aggression. The only problem l could see was she panicked when l opened a field gate to go through - she obviously connected it to being shut in. So l repeated it a couple of times and gave her a treat when she ignored the gate - and went through it a bit more calmly.

When she met her new owner - she rolled over on her back for a fuss.

My daughter and her friends who go to the local pub - where this poor chap also went - are having a collection to help pay towards the dog’s spaying. She looked as if she was in season now - so hopefully she is not in pup. The dog rescues around here are full of Staffies - so we might have found it difficult to get them to take her.

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Aww. Your new doggy sounds lovely.

Put a pic on as your avatar. It’s easy.

I’ve put my Shepherd, Charlie, on as my avatar.

Shazzie xx

This is Charlie celebrating his birthday.


l hope Charlie had Cake!

Haha, I like his blue hat! How long did he keep that on?

Hahahaha! His favourite thing is trifle. He adores fruit. Cox’s apples are his very favourite Lol!!


He kept it on til we took it off. I suppose it was about 4 hours. He is such a softy.


Oh Fran. That is so sad. Poor little doggy. Good for your daughter for rescuing the poor thing. She must have a good heart like her mum!!


Shazzie, that’s great when a dog likes stuff like that!

Hmm, though I’m looking at that from a human diet perspective, aren’t I. Dog’s being carnivores it’s not like they’d benefit from 5-a-day and so on, actually, it would probably have effects that we don’t want to contemplate, to be honest xD But wild dogs would eat things like windfalls, wouldn’t they. So it’s nice when a domestic animal likes to vary their diet with things like that. :smiley:

welcome to your new pup/family member!

We got our toy poodle Sophie, at the end of March. She is now 6 months old.

Her predecessor was Lucy, also a toy poodle girlie. We had her for almost 16 years!

A little furry friend makes our house into a home and I have a cuddle bundle to love.

Good times!

luv Poll and Sophie xx

my understanding is that dogs are omnivorous; my bully terrierist certainly is.

we raw meat fed her from about 4 months old and throw a tonne of fruit and veg at her all day.

she is not too keen on lettuce, but who the hell is? such a stupid plant.

i also understand that i am getting no bloody where when trying to upload an image of my lovely pooch

Paolo, My daughter has a EBT - and also helps the bulliesinneed rescue. My dogs eat all the apples that they can get - Bramley cookers and Cox’s - and they also eat any veg that my husband tries to grow chard/kale/beetroot/celeriac and strawberries. We have fencing around the veg - but they still manage to get at it. The biggest of my Rotties - jumps up and grabs the branch of the Bramley tree and shakes off the apples for the others to eat as well.

Two of my dogs are my avatar - the young rottie dog and the Romanian shepherd. The photo was taken the first day she arrived and took over bossing the Rotts.