Mr Woo!

Mr Woo is 10 today, still leaping and spinning like a puppy, he is just so funny, but I think it would drive me mad if he could talk! must ring Alex(his 1st human) tomorrow, may even take him to visit. I can’t find the picture that stole my heart, will have to ask Alex if she has a copy. Can’t believe its ten years since I posted here about my cheeky little chap and convince hubby that he did in fact want a ‘lap dog’, he’s not a lap dog, he’s bigger than breed standard!, but just as cute as ever.

Alison x

Happy birthday Mr Woo

Thank you Sssue, virtual slice of cake?

So long as it’s not a virtual dog biscuit, why not?

A belated happy birthday to you, Mr Woo.

What breed are you baby?

poll and Sophie…our white toy poodle.

xxxxx woof woof

I am a Chinese crested (so I am told), I think I am bigger than that though, maybe a German Shepherd, like my big brother Reg was!

Poll,just can’t believe he’s 10 just remember being devastated to find he’d been bought by someone else, then delighted that they took him back to Alex because their other dog did not get on with him! so he was 9 months old when we finally brought him home, I searched and searched for another CC puppy, but he was just too gorgeous, I’m not sure I would ever have forgotten him had he got along with their dog, he was heading to an owner in Texas, had we not kept checking his progress!, plus the fact that Alex wanted him to be a bit closer, used to go and see her quite often, so he could have a good romp in the field with his dad!

Hi again, I just had to google the breed as I wasnt sure I knew it. Yeah, they are those cuties with no hair on their bodies usually. Yet I see some with fluffy hair like my Sophies. Has Mr Woo got hair? How do you keep him warm, if he hasnt?

luv Pollx

Me again! just re-googled and see there are 2 types of chinese crested…hairless and powderpuff!

They were originally bred for invalids…as a companion. But they can also be quite athletic.

Great little fellas!


3 types, hairy hairless too, which is what Mr Woo is, they have to have their hair shaved off if you show them, Mr Woo was qualified for Crufts but he is not ‘a whole dog’ as they say!